Roses Will Bloom Again

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When you feel like you’re walking through a dry desert with no end in sight, just remember, with God, there’s always hope for a new beginning.


Many years ago, Evelyn and I were driving across the deserts of the southwestern United States. We stopped our car and walked out into that barren waste. And for the first time, I saw the desert rose. I wondered then how it could grow out of that hard-packed earth. Isaiah 35:1 KJV came to me where God said the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. And then I remem­bered that it takes God to put the bloom in the rose. But more than that, it takes God to change the desert of our lives.


One day, a pastor was visiting a man named Richard Smith. Richard’s joints were swollen and he was in terrible pain. A tremendous doctor who was skilled in the condition he suffered from came and worked with him week after week. But there came a day when it appeared he wouldn’t get well. A terrible bitterness had risen up in the man’s heart. He had become so pain-wracked and so miserable, that not only was he sick in his body but he had become sick in his spirit too.The pastor said, “I came in to see him and he didn’t look at me…he didn’t speak…he didn’t smile. I walked over to the bed, and there he was, drawn up in a knot.”


About that time the doctor came in and gave him a shot. He examined the swollen elbows and knees. He said, “Richard, you’re a sick man. But I’ve been thinking about you and all the good things you’ve done with your life. I’ve got some good news. I have a new prescription that I believe can turn your life around. You’re going to be amazed by its results.”


He said, “Do you have it?”




“Please, give it to me.”


The doctor said, “Well, this is it, Richard:


“Cheer up, roses will bloom again.” Smiling, he closed his bag and left the room.


About that time, the man’s nurse came in. Wiping tears from her eyes, she’d been just about to give up on the sick man when she took another look at him lying on the bed. Suddenly something began to happen. He be­gan to open his hands…to move his swollen joints. He began to inch his way over to the side of the bed. After a while, he was able to put his feet on the floor. He be­gan to push himself up, all the way up, until he stood haltingly on his feet. Soon he got his balance and he looked around and saw the nurse. He smiled and said, “Nurse, cheer up, roses are going to bloom again!”


As the pastor drove away, he was exhilarated. On his way home, he decided to visit a young couple whose child had been buried a few days before. When he arrived, the wife sat staring vacantly into space. As the pastor came in, she said, without lifting her head, “Pastor, do you believe in personal immortality?”


He said, “Yes, I believe in the resurrection of the dead to the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that someday God will raise the dead.”


She said, “Will you please explain that a little more?”


“Well,” he said, “in terms of the passing of your little child—yes, your child will live again. But more than that, the resurrection means there are a series of resur­rections in the here and now. Many resurrections are going to happen to you and your husband from time to time.”


And then he said to me, “Oral, when I said that, the wife still had her head down. As I sat there looking at her, I just smiled. I felt the joy of what I was saying and I smiled. I smiled until she looked up as if to say, ‘Well, what is there to smile about?’ And I said, ‘My dear, roses will bloom again.’ And I left.”


Several days later, the pastor was retracing his rounds and he came back to Richard Smith’s house. Rich­ard was no longer in bed, and he no longer needed a nurse. In fact, he was out in the yard doing some light work. Roses were blooming again.


Then the pastor decided that he would stop by the couple’s house and see how they were. When he came in, they were there to meet him. They said, “Pastor, how do you think the people will feel at church Sun­day when we come back to the services?” He said, “They’ll feel great because they’ve been very concerned about you.” And the young mother said, “Look for us, because roses are blooming again.”


What this can mean for you

What is God trying to say to you and me through this story? I think He’s saying that He’s not through with our lives. You may have lost a loved one. You may have something terribly wrong in your body. You may need something you feel is beyond your power to grasp. But I say to you…


Cheer up! Because of Jesus, roses will bloom again!


God is alive. He’s closer to you than your breath, and He can make the roses bloom again in the desert of your life. Believe it, my friend, and reach out for the miracle you need, in Jesus’ mighty name.

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