My Mother’s Giving Goes On


For more than 60 years, Oral Roberts Ministries has been changing lives. Well-known minister and author Myles Munroe shares how his mother’s decision to make a connection to Oral Roberts Ministries transformed his life—and how a similar decision can transform yours!


I grew up in a home that was strongly tied to Oral Roberts Ministries, and I am so thankful for that con­nection. This ministry has been blessing my family since I was a little baby growing up in the Bahamas!


My mother and father lived in a little wooden house in a very low income area. They had eleven children; I was number six. I remember crawling around and playing on the floor as a child.


I didn’t know we were poor because we never went without food, clothing, or shelter. My parents cared for us with one salary, yet we always had what we needed. I remember my mother saying, “Your father’s salary is not our source.” And I know why she believed that.


You see, every month, my father would go to the mailbox and bring in a magazine. There would be a man pictured on its cover, praying for someone or preaching in a big tent. The man was Oral Roberts.


As a little boy looking at those pictures, I was im­pressed. I wondered, Who is this man? I knew he was special somehow. And as I grew up, my mother con­stantly told me and my siblings, “That’s the man of God. We must support him. When we support him, then our church and our home and our family will be prosperous.”


Every month, my mother would take money from the little that we had, and she would send it to Oral Rob­erts Ministries. She consciously tied our family’s well-being to her giving and said, “I’m sending this gift to Oral Roberts Ministries to keep our family healthy and provided with food. If I give, our family will al­ways have enough.”


Today, 54 years later, I can testify that my mother was right. God has been very good to my family and me. All eleven of us children know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We all have great homes. Each of us is pros­pering in our own way because our mother supported Oral Roberts Ministries.


Over the years as my mother gave to this ministry, she didn’t know that I—the little boy playing on the floor—would become one of the leading authors in the world. (And neither did I!) Yet now my books have been translated into 17 languages and distributed in 112 countries. My mother didn’t know I would be­come a minister who reaches 89 nations and impacts 1.2 billion people weekly. She simply gave and faith­fully believed God.


My mother has since gone on to be with the Lord, but my 84-year-old father is still with us. Every week, he sits on the front row of my church in the Bahamas. I am my father’s teacher now because my mother gave to Oral Roberts Ministries years ago.


Through this ministry, I learned about the Holy Spirit. I learned about seedtime and harvest, and I am seeing that principle manifested in my life. It’s now operating in my children’s lives. All that I’ve achieved has been a result of Oral Roberts Ministries’ impact on my life.


I am not the only person who feels this way. I go all over the world, and everywhere I travel, people know about Oral Roberts Ministries. They tell stories about how this ministry has impacted their lives and their families. People know the power of the work being done by Oral, Richard, and Lindsay Roberts.


That’s why I believe this ministry deserves my support. When I look at the changes Oral Roberts Ministries brought into my life, I’m thankful. And so today I’m giving into this ministry on behalf of my children’s fu­ture. I know that if giving to this ministry worked for my mother, it’s going to work for me and my children.


I thank God for the legacy, the work, and the power of Oral Roberts Ministries! And I want to encour­age you that this ministry is here for you, just the way they have been here for me and my family. This min­istry is here to transform lives—including yours.


I encourage you to call the Abundant Life Prayer Group. Let them know what you want to see God change in your life, and let this ministry impact you right now, where you live, through the power of prayer!

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