God is Faithful – He’s Blessed Us Abundantly!

God is Faithful - He's Blessed Us Abundantly!


I had gone to the doctor to see what might be wrong with me because my arms and legs had been hurting very badly, and a bone density test showed that I had osteoporosis a progressive disease where your bones become weak and brittle and can easily be broken. In fact, as the disease continued and got worse over the next seven years, I had to be very careful in what I did because I could so easily break a bone.


I went in regularly every few months for bone den­sity testing. Sometimes my pain medication would be changed or adjusted. But it continued to grow worse. It was very scary when I learned not long ago that the osteoporosis had spread to my spine. I really had to rest and take it very easy, and I could no longer do the things I had enjoyed doing at one time. I was in so much pain I had a hard time doing even simple things, like walking or lifting some­thing small.


One night I was watching The Hour of Healing on TV when Richard began praying for people with osteopo­rosis. He reached his hands out toward the camera as he prayed, and asked us to put our hands on the television screen as a point of contact to release our faith. I did just what he said, acting in faith. I began feeling warmth and heat in my body, and I knew God was healing me. That evening, the constant pain I’d had for almost sev­en years just went away, and I haven’t felt it since!


The last medical report I’d had before that night was the one where I learned the osteoporosis had spread to my spine, so I wanted another bone density test as soon as possible. The results of the tests showed what I knew it would—that everything was normal, and I no longer had osteoporosis! Now I can do the things I enjoy again, like walking and jogging. And the best thing is that I don’t have the constant pain I used to have anymore!


I have been a Partner with the Oral Roberts Ministries for some time. My son, Adrian, is Richard Roberts’ Associate Evangelist. The Lord is so good and has blessed us so much that we want to be a blessing to others. Part of Adrian’s time is spent traveling for Hun­ger Needs A Voice® with Richard and Jordan Roberts to foreign countries where they hold healing rallies and give out food and medical supplies to hurting families.


We have planted seeds in every country where they’ve gone recently or are planning to go, such as El Salva­dor, Nicaragua, Niger, Kenya, and other countries. If you feel God moving you to give, as we have, I en­courage you to sow your seed too. God is faithful. He can bless us abundantly every time we obey him.


No matter what you’re struggling with—even if it’s a disease that the doctors say is incurable, like mine was—don’t ever give up. I can tell you from firsthand experience that prayer works. I was healed!

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