Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Bill and Kim Nash Part Three

LR: You know, honey, God works miracles in many ways. He obviously did a divine miracle where He supernaturally stopped the drugs for this young woman’s life. But praise God, we have a drug and alcohol abuse center that’s opened.


RR: At the City of Faith. some people who have been working up there and they get the opportunity to pray for their patients and pray that God would work a miracle, whether it’s through the nurses or doctors, the medical care or the prayers. (Applause)  Drugs are something that people can get on without ever realizing what they’re doing. You know, one thing leads to another, to another, and then it’s out of control. It’s so sad when somebody’s body and their desires are out of control. You know, sometimes it’s just like when you have too much coffee and you get off coffee and you begin to shake. You know, your body is so finely tuned by God that when we start abusing it, sometimes we do it without even knowing it and then it’s so difficult to stop.


RR: And also, honey, the drug and alcohol abuse center at the City of Faith is now opened to young people and adults.


LR: And adults, praise God. We started it with young people and had so many responses we opened it to adults.


RR: Do you have the telephone number up? It’s on the screen right now. If you’re interested, if you have a need for the drug and alcohol abuse program or someone in your family, perhaps a young person, maybe your husband, your wife, you have a need for the drug and alcohol abuse program at the City of Faith where it’s administered by Spirit-filled doctors and nurses and prayer partners, then you pick up your phone and you call this toll-free number. Now this number is not the Abundant Life Prayer Group. This is the number for the drug and alcohol abuse center at the
City of Faith, 1-800–see, that’s toll-free–443-3777. Now that’s not the Abundant Life Prayer Group, so don’t get the
numbers confused. This is 1-800-443-3777. That’s Center. Lindsay, here is another testimony from yesterday. Here’s from a man named Larry. “I had surgery on my ankle three years ago, but it’s given me so much trouble and so much pain. But when you gave a word of knowledge, my ankle and all the pain in it is healed. Immediately the pain left.” (Praise God. Praise God) (Applause) Here’s a jaw healed. (Hallelujah) Yesterday I gave a word of knowledge about someone who had surgery on a knee, do you remember?

LR: I do.

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Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Bill and Kim Nash Part Two

RR:  Praise the Lord.  Put your microphone on, sweetheart. Jordan did not want to go back to you.  She wanted daddy.


LR:  She didn’t want to leave when I took her out back.  Shesaid, “Da, da, da, da.”  She’s a daddy’s girl.


RR:  She got up on our bed this morning and crawled around and–


LR:  She did, she’s daddy’s big girl.


RR:  She tried to get under the covers.


LR:  She did.  She likes to play under the covers.


RR:  Then when she got under the covers, she didn’t want to be under the covers.  (No)  She said, look, I’ve been under the covers all night.  I don’t want to be under the covers anymore.


LR:  That’s right.  She is a doll.  She’s getting to that stage where she just knows–everything has a word, whether it makes any sense or not.


RR:  I went into her room, I went in to take her out of her crib this morning and she first had to hand me her bear.  (That’s right.)  Then she had to hand me her lamb.


LR:  That’s right.  Everything has to go with her.


RR:  Then she had another bear in there.


LR:  That’s why we have the pants with the big pockets so all the toys can go in.


RR:  She had two bears and a lamb.  She has a lamb that’s named Jeremiah.  (That’s right.)  And so she had to hand me Jeremiah this morning.  Then, I don’t know what she’s named, you guys have named the bear.  Well, you named it–


LR:  They’ve all got names.


RR:  They’ve all got names.  I don’t know all the names.  They are bears to me.  Here is a call, Lindsay, that just came in from Toronto up in Canada, Toronto, Ontario.  “My wrist was broken and I was in pain.  But when you gave a word of knowledge on the program”–this was yesterday–“I can now move it and bend it. All the pain is gone and I thank God for it.”  (Applause)  You know, Lindsay, we prayed.  We’ve had so many, so many of our Canadian friends and partners who have written and called and said, “Please get your program on in our part of Canada.”  And we prayed and we worked.  And if you remember, several times over the past few months I’ve said, “Will you please pray with me that God will open a door for us to get on and get our program up in Toronto.”  Well, our program is not directly on in Toronto, but we’ve got the next best thing.  We’re on now in Buffalo, New York and that signal goes right up into Toronto, so it’s like being on in Toronto.  (Applause)  And here is evidence right in Toronto. Praise the Lord.  Here is a call from Portland, Indiana. just better get my life back to the Lord.”  (Hallelujah)  “I was with Him when I was young, but I sort of got away from Him.  So I called you to help me get back with the Lord.  The prayer partners led me to the Lord.  I like your new Healing Center.  It looks nice on television.  I want to help you and I want to come out and see it, but I thought I’d better get back to the Lord first.”  (Oh, amen.)  Isn’t that a wonderful word?  (What a precious word.)  What a good testimony.  (Praise God)  (Applause) Here’s a, here’s a woman in Tulsa, “Enjoyed the Healing Center. The best part was the prayer room.”  Yeah, I have to agree with you on that.  In a few minutes I’m going to share with you some of the testimonies of people who have been through the Healing Outreach Center.  Here’s Patti in West Palm Beach, Florida.  “I want to praise God and thank God for your television program.  I began watching several months ago.  I was really fed the Word and faith rose in my heart.  I felt led to give you my prayer request to take to the Holy Land.”  You remember a week or two ago, was it two weeks ago?  I guess two weeks ago I went to the Holy Land. “And I needed deliverance from cocaine and from smoking and I am shouting the victory.  It’s been two weeks.  I have not taken either.”  (Applause)  Praise God for that. 

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Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Bill and Kim Nash Part One

ORUS:  Singing “Turn It Around”  (Applause)


RR:  Oh, hello, everybody.  Welcome to the campus of Oral Roberts University and the City of Faith Health Care Center right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and welcome from Jordan.  Jordan, can you say hello? Oh, can you blow them a kiss?  Blow them a big kiss.  One more real big kiss.  That’s pretty good, isn’t it?  My dad and my mother said, “Jordan is growing up on television.  She’s not going to have any fear or any worry about being on television because she just walks out here and just smiles.  Give them a big smile.  Give them a big smile.  No, that one is–everything you ask is a kiss now.  Lindsay, come over here a minute.  What kind of outfit, this baby looks like she’s twice the size.  You’ve got the big jeans on her.


LR:  Well, actually that started out as a joke.  They’re kind of, they’re blue jeans but she likes to put things in her pockets.

And when we found these, she goes outside and plays and picks up all the stones outside and puts the rocks in her pockets and thinks she’s a big shot.


RR:  Lindsay, she could put an entire rock pile in those clothes.


LR:  She does.  She puts all of her toys in her pocket and away she goes.  She–


RR:  What?  What did you say?  You want back up.  O.K.


LR:  Daddy’s girl.


RR:  Can you say daddy?  (Da-da)  Can you say mommy?  (Mommy)


LR:  Can you say bye-bye?


RR:  Can you say bye-bye?  Say bye-bye and wave.  Bye-bye and wave.


LR:  That’s nice.


RR:  Go to mommy.  Give Jordan a good handclap.  (Applause) Little miracle baby.  Praise the Lord for a little miracle baby. You know, it reminds me of the song that I want to sing this morning, “He’s the God of a Second Chance.”  Larry, He’s the God of a second chance. When I look at that baby, He’s the God of a second chance.  You know, we lost a child after 36 hours, but we got this little baby.  Praise God.  Larry, let’s sing it, “He’s the God of a Second Chance.” (Singing)  (Applause)  Praise the Lord.  Stay tuned for a message just for you.


ANNOUNCER:  This summer don’t make any travel plans without including the Oral Roberts Ministries in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  With Oral Roberts University, the City of Faith Health Care Center and now phase one of the Healing Outreach Center, visiting Tulsa this year is a must.  For the first time in the history of the ministry the Healing Outreach Center is a complex especially designed for the partners, supporters, and other visitors of the ministry.  The Journey Through the Bible is the focal point of the Healing Outreach Center, featuring state of the art electronics, lasers, sound effects and music to make the greatest stories of the Bible come alive right before your eyes.  First, the creation room where God created the heavens and the earth.

Next, the Garden of Eden, where the earth was full of the glory of God.  But then you will experience the devastating effects of sin which eventually lead you into the fantastic experience of Noah’s Ark.  And finally, the rainbow of God’s promise.  After you’ve walked through the Bible, you will find a special prayer room where Oral or Richard Roberts or their associates will be able to minister God’s power to your life.  Phase one of the Oral Roberts Ministry Healing Outreach Center.  It’s an experience that will change your life.  And don’t forget, when you visit the Oral Roberts Ministry, come and be part of the Richard Roberts Live television audience, an exciting program of music, ministry and miracles.  It’s a summer you’ll never forget.  Put the Oral Roberts Ministry in your travel plans.  (Applause)

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