Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Bill and Kim Nash Part Three

LR: You know, honey, God works miracles in many ways. He obviously did a divine miracle where He supernaturally stopped the drugs for this young woman’s life. But praise God, we have a drug and alcohol abuse center that’s opened.


RR: At the City of Faith. some people who have been working up there and they get the opportunity to pray for their patients and pray that God would work a miracle, whether it’s through the nurses or doctors, the medical care or the prayers. (Applause)  Drugs are something that people can get on without ever realizing what they’re doing. You know, one thing leads to another, to another, and then it’s out of control. It’s so sad when somebody’s body and their desires are out of control. You know, sometimes it’s just like when you have too much coffee and you get off coffee and you begin to shake. You know, your body is so finely tuned by God that when we start abusing it, sometimes we do it without even knowing it and then it’s so difficult to stop.


RR: And also, honey, the drug and alcohol abuse center at the City of Faith is now opened to young people and adults.


LR: And adults, praise God. We started it with young people and had so many responses we opened it to adults.


RR: Do you have the telephone number up? It’s on the screen right now. If you’re interested, if you have a need for the drug and alcohol abuse program or someone in your family, perhaps a young person, maybe your husband, your wife, you have a need for the drug and alcohol abuse program at the City of Faith where it’s administered by Spirit-filled doctors and nurses and prayer partners, then you pick up your phone and you call this toll-free number. Now this number is not the Abundant Life Prayer Group. This is the number for the drug and alcohol abuse center at the
City of Faith, 1-800–see, that’s toll-free–443-3777. Now that’s not the Abundant Life Prayer Group, so don’t get the
numbers confused. This is 1-800-443-3777. That’s Center. Lindsay, here is another testimony from yesterday. Here’s from a man named Larry. “I had surgery on my ankle three years ago, but it’s given me so much trouble and so much pain. But when you gave a word of knowledge, my ankle and all the pain in it is healed. Immediately the pain left.” (Praise God. Praise God) (Applause) Here’s a jaw healed. (Hallelujah) Yesterday I gave a word of knowledge about someone who had surgery on a knee, do you remember?

LR: I do.

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