Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Bill and Kim Nash Part Six

ORUS:  Singing “How Majestic Is Your Name”  (Applause)




RR:  I bet you wonder where I am.  Lindsay, are you out there on the television set?  (Yes, sweetheart, I’m here.)  I hope you are because I am back in the equipment area.  I’ve walked back–in fact, I’m watching myself on television- I’m back in the satellite room.  This is a very, very special room that I’m in. If you can see, it’s very small.  But without this room you would not be seeing me live via satellite right now because this is the room where the signal is sent outside to our big satellite dish and then sends it up 23,000 miles in back here in this room?  I’m here because we have an emergency Now I’m not technically minded. I don’t understand exactly.  All I know is, that these two clystrons are power-amplifiers that are the amplifiers that boost the signal to send it the 23,000 miles up into space, 23,000 miles back down into your home so you can see me.  There are two. One is on the air and the other is a backup in case there should be some kind of failure.  Can you see that?  Can you look right in there and see that?  It’s this particular unit right here that I’m talking about.  Now these units were purchased in 1980, and the warranty life on these clystrons are three years.  Well, we’ve been praying, as you know, and we pray over all of our equipment.  We lay hands on our equipment and these two pieces of equipment have lasted now for six years.  Well, we give glory to God for that.  That’s the good news.  Now the bad news is, they’ve lasted long enough.  And Les Crawford, would you come over a minute?  Les is our satellite engineer.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been on the program or not, Les.


LC:  No sir, I sure haven’t.


RR:  But, Les, I understand from you that we’re in serious danger now of these two clystrons burning up.  In fact, this one, what about this one right here, you’re not using it right now at all. What about it?


LC:  We’ll be lucky if we get another week or two out of this one. I’ve had some power supply problems and–


RR:  Didn’t you just fix a power supply problem?


LC:  Yes, I did, just yesterday we fixed this power supply, and without this as a backup, if this one went down we would be off the air.


RR:  You mean we wouldn’t be able to go up and come down and be in the person’s home right now?


LC:  No, not at all, not at all.  Without this link in the chain, we’re out.


RR:  Well, now, I just found out about this yesterday after the program was over.  And I said, “Well, I want to come in here and show you exactly where we are and what the need is.”  Now, you know, I don’t present a need unless it’s a need.  And I’m so grateful to God that these two pieces of equipment have lasted for six years, when the warranteed life is only three years.  Now that is a miracle. (Applause)  That’s a miracle and I thank God for that, Les, and I know you do too.  But I need some special help.  These clystrons each cost $13,300 a piece.  Now I need one within the next week.  I had my men yesterday afternoon to put an order in for one.  It will be here by the first of the week.  We can install it.  And now I made an order but I don’t have the $13,300 to pay for it.  I ordered it by faith. Really, to tell you the truth, I need two because, Les, if what, if I understand, you said this one is a problem by next week, but this one could be out in a month.

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