Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Bill and Kim Nash Part Eighth

LR: Amen. Amen. You’re looking at the satellite dish right now, and we really need your help. Richard, honey, I’m glad you’re back. We really need help with that. They told me when I was talking to you about it earlier, they had told me that if the thing does what they’re predicting it will do, literally we will be off the air in one week. There’s no way. Once it breaks, it’s it. That’s it, no repair, nothing.


RR: Oh, that’s it. We won’t have any signal to go up to the satellite. I only found this out yesterday afternoon.


LR: The thing that I didn’t understand, with the cameras you can always do repair work. You know, you can find a part, you can do this, you can do that. This thing either works or it doesn’t work. When it stops working, it’s dead. It’s it.


RR: That’s right. That’s right.


LR: So there is no repair. You can’t fix it. You’re either on the air or off the air. It’s like a light switch. It’s either on or it’s off, and it’s apparently on its last leg.


RR: Well, you see, Lindsay, I don’t know much about equipment. I’m not–


LR: He’s not technical.


RR: I’m not technically–that’s a picture of it, yeah, that’s a live picture of it right now. I know this much, it is a power-booster amplifier and it doesn’t look like it’s very much. You say, well how could something like that cost that much? Well, when–


LR: It’s the mechanics of it, the technology.


RR: Well, imagine taking a trip 23,000 miles up and 23,000 miles back down into your home. You know, that would be an expensive trip.


LR: It’s like the electricity, it’s the power, it’s the thing that gets us up and gets us down. It’s the power-pack.


RR: Yeah, and without it then you, they can’t–


LR: Power source.


RR: Uh huh, yeah, O.K. All right, Lord. Somebody is getting healed in your back. Somebody watching the program is receiving a healing right in the center of your back. Now here’s a perfect example, here I am talking about sending a signal up and back down into your home, to be able to have the opportunity of praying the prayer of faith for you. And right in the middle of it the Lord gives me a word of knowledge. Now isn’t that just like the Lord?

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