Jesus Is Coming Soon by Richard Roberts

In Amos 3:7 the Bible tells us, Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.  And recently I believe God did just that when He revealed a “wake-up” vision to my dad of what He’s about to do in the earth.   

God is sending us signs—or wake-up calls—as His Word said He would:  I [God] will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath: blood and fire and vapor of smoke…before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.  And…whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved (Acts 2:19-21 NIV).  God wants us to be prepared for Jesus’ coming!

Through His vision to my dad, God is giving us an opportunity not only to know what’s coming so we can be prepared personally and in our own families, but also so we can help wake up others and lead them to salvation and eternity with the Lord.  He told us in 2 Peter 3:9 that He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

The following is just a small portion of what God revealed in a vision to His servant Oral Roberts.  I encourage you to read and pour into your heart this important message of love from God.

Oral:  In the midst of the turmoil, the fear, the anxiety that’s in our nation and in our world, I heard the voice of God.  I’ve heard that voice many times, and there’s no way I can fail to understand that it’s His voice because I’m familiar with it.

I heard it, and then I saw with my eyes something I’d never seen.  Suddenly in the clouds in the skies above New York City and the eastern part of the United States, I saw something which hung there for quite some time.  Then it spread out across America without touching the ground.  And then God defused it and moved it away from America.

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Make Your Day Count with Lindsay Roberts

LR: And you came to my house for dinner and got the privilege of eating my husband’s cooking.


CH: And I tell you, that man could open his own restaurant.  It’s the truth.


BK: We’ve got just about a couple, three tablespoons of maybe mayonnaise, you know.   And you know what?  Here’s the thing about these ingredients, you really cannot almost not ruin it.  You could mix different parts, depending on your taste, but this is mostly sour crème, a little bit of mayonnaise.  And I think we’ve got maybe, oh, a third of a cup of looks like Half and Half or cream, heavy whipping cream.  And then we’re going to mix this up.


LR: It’s that simple.

BK: It’s that simple.


LR: You know, as a dip it might not have been so awesome.   You did good, woman.


BK: That’s true.  And then we mix it up and get it smooth.  You could use your beaters, I guess.  It might be easier.  And I’d give it a good mix.  And then we’re going to heat it up.  And they’ll squeeze lemons into it.


LR: And that’s it. 


BK: Don’t get the lemons in your eye. 

LR: We sat at our kitchen table—actually, we had so many people in the room, we just starated laughing, and laughing turned into more laughing.  And I tell you something, you know, first of all they got lost.  And then as they got lost, my kids—I do not know how or why they did this, but they took one of my tape recorders.  You know, her husband is Hank Kunneman, the man that is such a prophet to the nations.  We love this man.   And so when he comes around, we always have a tape recorder.

My kids started singing Christmas music on my tape recorder and turning it on high speed.  So by the time dinner came, we were laughing so hard, we couldn’t contain ourselves.  And, you know, I think that’s part of it.  So many times we worry about the food, we worry about this, we worry about that.  The most important thing is worrying about each other, and not necessarily worrying but I’m saying, be concerned about the people in the room.  The rest kind of takes care of itself in so many ways.

So how much dill do you have in there? 

BK: A bunch.  You can mix it up.  It’s turning out to be about half a cup.   A little bit of parsley, squeeze in some lemon.  You want to kind of taste it to make sure you like it.


LR: It certainly is pretty.

BK: It’s beautiful.  And then salt and pepper, a little bit of salt and pepper, and that is it.  Now when you heat this, it’s a little bit softer. 


LR: But the original recipe was, what would you have done with the salmon, like chop it up and—


BK: She never showed it to me.


LR: Okay, never mind.  Use your imagination.  You know, Christy, I’m not going to call you—

BK: No, she’ll leave you hanging out there

LR: The next time we have a party, we’re not calling you.  Man, can this woman lead worship.  Oh, Lord!

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Make Your Day Count with Lindsay Roberts

BK: So, anyway, I cooked the salmon. We put the sauce together—

LR: Having no knowledge it’s a dip.

BK: No knowledge. She wouldn’t tell me. You know, wonderful sister, she didn’t tell me.

LR: Smart woman.

BK: I can appreciate it. I’m mad at her now for it.

CH: She knows now.

BK: Yes, I know now. I put it all together, served it to these people, and they were like, “This is the best salmon we have ever had, hands down.

LR: Meanwhile, you’re home sweating, right?

BK: Yes, I’m home sweating. We didn’t have cell phones then. No, I let her sweat, so we’re going to make it for everybody.

LR: So here’s what happened. And we’re going to give you the ingredients and share this because, here’s the thing, many times in our lives we get into a situation where we think, This is the big-gest disaster of my life. Can God turn this mess into a miracle?

And so we were sitting at the table, and the reason why I wanted them to show you is, first, so you can have the recipe and see how simple a mess can turn into a miracle. And second of all, the reason I wanted to do this was, your husband Hank was sitting there and he looked at us and he went, “You mean that was never supposed to be a real recipe?”

BK: We got it like from some gourmet recipe. He brags about it everywhere.

LR: And it was truly a total and complete accident. I say that to say this—we’re going to talk about Supernatural You in just a minute. But in the meantime, we’re going to show you how to take this mess that turned into a miracle, and we’re going to show you the recipe because I told Bren-da, “I want you to cook.” And she said, “I’ve got an idea.”

Well, this was the idea, and how you can take something that is nothing but lemons, liter-ally, and turn it into lemonade. If you’re sitting there thinking about what mess you’re in, what mess you’ve become, what mess someone has thrown in your face, “How in the world can I turn this into a miracle?”—I’m not sure you can. But the supernatural power of God that resides within you can take the mess and turn it into a miracle.

So before we get into the book, come on, you guys. Submit the recipe. Do it. By the way, we sautéed it. In the back room we have this little stove back there, and we sautéed the salmon. Depending on the thickness of the salmon or how you like your fish cooked, we did it about seven to eight minutes total. If you like it more done, help yourself. If you like it less, help yourself.

BK: This was in a little butter. Get it as brown as you like, and then basically what Christy has done is, she’s just cutting up some fresh dill. And then we’re going to use—how many ounces is this, Christy? This is about 16 ounces. And we’re going to use just the whole thing. And now here’s the thing, you could do this over a saucepan. It’s probably better because you really want to serve it hot. You could microwave it too. So that would be fine.

Basically, we’re just going to put the whole container—I am going to give that to you. That’s right.

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