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LR: And you came to my house for dinner and got the privilege of eating my husband’s cooking.


CH: And I tell you, that man could open his own restaurant.  It’s the truth.


BK: We’ve got just about a couple, three tablespoons of maybe mayonnaise, you know.   And you know what?  Here’s the thing about these ingredients, you really cannot almost not ruin it.  You could mix different parts, depending on your taste, but this is mostly sour crème, a little bit of mayonnaise.  And I think we’ve got maybe, oh, a third of a cup of looks like Half and Half or cream, heavy whipping cream.  And then we’re going to mix this up.


LR: It’s that simple.

BK: It’s that simple.


LR: You know, as a dip it might not have been so awesome.   You did good, woman.


BK: That’s true.  And then we mix it up and get it smooth.  You could use your beaters, I guess.  It might be easier.  And I’d give it a good mix.  And then we’re going to heat it up.  And they’ll squeeze lemons into it.


LR: And that’s it. 


BK: Don’t get the lemons in your eye. 

LR: We sat at our kitchen table—actually, we had so many people in the room, we just starated laughing, and laughing turned into more laughing.  And I tell you something, you know, first of all they got lost.  And then as they got lost, my kids—I do not know how or why they did this, but they took one of my tape recorders.  You know, her husband is Hank Kunneman, the man that is such a prophet to the nations.  We love this man.   And so when he comes around, we always have a tape recorder.

My kids started singing Christmas music on my tape recorder and turning it on high speed.  So by the time dinner came, we were laughing so hard, we couldn’t contain ourselves.  And, you know, I think that’s part of it.  So many times we worry about the food, we worry about this, we worry about that.  The most important thing is worrying about each other, and not necessarily worrying but I’m saying, be concerned about the people in the room.  The rest kind of takes care of itself in so many ways.

So how much dill do you have in there? 

BK: A bunch.  You can mix it up.  It’s turning out to be about half a cup.   A little bit of parsley, squeeze in some lemon.  You want to kind of taste it to make sure you like it.


LR: It certainly is pretty.

BK: It’s beautiful.  And then salt and pepper, a little bit of salt and pepper, and that is it.  Now when you heat this, it’s a little bit softer. 


LR: But the original recipe was, what would you have done with the salmon, like chop it up and—


BK: She never showed it to me.


LR: Okay, never mind.  Use your imagination.  You know, Christy, I’m not going to call you—

BK: No, she’ll leave you hanging out there

LR: The next time we have a party, we’re not calling you.  Man, can this woman lead worship.  Oh, Lord!

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