Adam sinned against God by Richard Roberts

So if a person says, “I’ll forgive them when they come and say I’m sorry,” they’re holding on to unforgiveness, which will eventually develop as a root of bitterness, which will fuel sickness and disease.  And we’ll get into that in a minute. But the reason a person cannot forgive is because they’ve forgotten what they’ve been forgiven of.  We deserve now let me tell you what you and I deserve, every one of us we deserved hell.  When Adam sinned against God, the Father could have looked at the Son and said, “They disobeyed us.  They chose the devil.  Let them all ago to hell.  We’re going to go over and create another universe and create somebody that really loves us.”  But God chose, when we didn’t deserve it, to send His Son. And Jesus left glory and came, and He died on the cross for us when we did not deserve it.


Now a Christian that does not realize what he’s been forgiven of as a Christian doesn’t have a revelation of hell.  I wish every believer could see hell for 30 seconds.  I know three people personally that have been to hell.  One friend is a pastor in the Caribbean.  He died, was dead 45 minutes, and went to hell.  His dad took him to a church, but he wasn’t a believer. He went right to the entrance of hell.


When he told my wife and I about it that one night, I’m telling you, the fear of God hit me.  And I was thanking God that the Holy Spirit revealed Jesus to me.  He said, “John, I have never experienced fear.  There is no fear in this earth like that.  There is no torment on the earth like that.”  And yet he was brought back, and today he’s pastoring a great church.


Well, we have to understand God freely forgave us from that. That’s what we deserve.  So a believer that cannot forgive is a believer that’s forgotten what we’ve been forgiven of. The worst sin that I can think of on the face of this earth, Richard and Lindsay, is child molestation.  Now if you can think of something worse, you tell me, but I can’t think of one worse. As horrifying as that is when an adult physically abuses a child, as horrifying as that is, that is nothing compared to hell.  If that’s what that child deserved, that’s what you deserved, that’s what I deserve, but yet Jesus forgave us.

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God has the Original Supernatural by Richard Roberts

Hell is available on every corner.  But there are those who are looking to God because God has the original supernatural. I’ve got news for you.  Satan is an imitator.  God has the original supernatural. The Bible says in Matthew 14 that Jesus went forth, He saw a great multitude, He was moved with compassion toward them, and He healed their sick.  Jesus went forth.  Jesus was always going somewhere to heal somebody.  He was either on His way to heal them, or He was there healing them, or He was on His way to heal somebody else.  Jesus was like a wrecking crew against sickness and disease.  I mean, he was after sickness and disease.  He was hot on their heels.  Wherever sickness and disease was, that’s where Jesus was.  He went forth.


The Bible says He saw a great multitude.  Well, He saw a crowd.  There’s a crowd here.  There’s a crowd watching around America, Canada, and other nations, even on the Internet tonight. But let me tell you, He sees more than a crowd.  He sees you, He sees you, He sees you right where you live.  He knows your name, He knows what you’re going through, He knows what you’re facing, He knows the circumstances, and He has healing.  He’s rising with healing in His wings for you tonight.


He went forth.  He saw a great multitude.  He was moved with compassion.  I’ve often wondered what compassion is.  I was reminded a few moments ago, Lindsay, about my father as he was praying there.  Compassion, the word compassion I remember my father once said to me, “Compassion is that irresistible urge that comes inside you to rid the person of whatever the problem is.”  It’s when that irresistible thing comes up inside you and makes you want to drive that thing out, no matter what it is. That’s what compassion is.  I feel that compassion in me.


Why a live healing program?  Because the compassion of Jesus is in me.  Because I want to see you healed from the crown of your head.  I want to see you well in every area of your life from your hair to your toenails in the authority of Jesus’ mighty name.  I want to see you well!  That’s why.  I’m moved with compassion.  The Bible says He healed their sick.

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Miracles Can Happen by Richard Roberts

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS You cannot out give God.  And when you give, will you expect God to multiply it back to you in the way you need it most?  Or you can just sit down and write me a letter, Richard Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Or Richard Roberts, Toronto, Ontario, if you live up in Canada.  Lots of people in Canada are watching this program now.  Our program is on up in Canada.  And you can sow a seed.  And when you do, expect God to multiply it back.


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS And He won’t just multiply with money, which is


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Oh, He multiplies it in the way you need it most.


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS Exactly.  You see, if you need friends perhaps, family, the love of people








SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS I’m dying to play that piano.


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Well, I want to know how your fingers are?


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS Does this exercise program do anything for the fingers?


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Listen, I told you that everyone, everyone other television programs just let you play, they don’t let you talk.  I’m not going to let you play, I’m just going to let you talk.  No, I want you to go to the piano




SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Because I want to see if your fingers are all right after coming back from Haiti.


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS I’m working on a new album right now and I spent 16 hours it’s a wonder I didn’t walk on this set with a piano stool attached to my, you know.  But anyway, the other day I was working 16 hours and I split this finger right here.  And I’ll tell you, something, there’s a healing power in this place because my finger is feeling wonderful and I think I’m going to play with everything I’ve got right now.


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Would you go to the piano?


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS Yes, I would love to.


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Take this microphone off, because I’m not going to let you get off this program without letting the people hear Dino Kartsonakis at the piano.  Give him a good handclap. You’re in for a real treat.


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Dino Kartsonakis at the piano.  Come back over and join us, Dino. Give him a good handclap.




SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS I think your fingers are all right.


SPKM DON POTTER As long as he’ll keep practicing, that’s all.




SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS That song, “Oh How I Love Him,” how old is that?  I mean, that’s been around for years.


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Very, very long time.


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