The Holy Ghost by Lindsay Roberts


MG: First of all, I want to say that we are excited; we are looking forward with great anticipation to what will happen on January 4th.  Robin has already put an announcement on the television, and we’re just excited and we’re just expecting great things.


RG: Yeah, our church is extremely excited.  We’re looking forward to an anointing that destroys every yoke.  And it’s a real honor, Brother Roberts, to have you with us in January and we just thank God for your being available and willing to come and share with us.


RR: Dad, while you’re still on the phone, I’m going to stretch out my hands toward you and toward anyone who is watching our program tonight live from the campus of Oral Roberts University.  And, Robin, I want you to lay your hands on me and, Lindsay, laid your hands on me.  Marilyn, if you will lay your hands on Robin.  And, Dad, Dad, you’re an apostle of the healing ministry.  You’re a trailblazer.  You have blazed a trail for others to follow in healing.


Right now, even as I’m talking about you and bringing honor to whom honor is due, as the Bible says, I feel an anointing, a holy heat that’s the only way I know how to describe it coming out of my hands right now.  I’d like to ask you to pray a prayer of faith, a prayer of healing over people tonight.


And I believe that as your voice, as your voice comes through a telephone line and goes up into space and comes back down into people’s homes, that people will be healed tonight, even as our good friend, Bill Swad, stands by your side tonight live in California.  I’m praying right now the power of God will move as you pray.


OR: Well, Bill Swad has taken hold of my hand.  Bill Swad is a prophet.  He is an apostle of God.  He and I have been together all afternoon, and we’re holding our hands.  And I’m reaching forth to you, my dear friend.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I come against that foul, tormenting disease in your body, that demonic spirit that may be tormenting somebody listening right now.


I command that sickness and disease to leave your body.  I command that demonic spirit that’s tormenting somebody to leave and come no more.  And, God, I pray that right now people who are down will be lifted up, people who are blind will see, people who can’t walk will walk, people whose hearts are killing them will start beating right, men with prostate trouble will feel like they have a new prostate restored in their bodies.

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Release Your Faith by Lindsay Roberts

You can lift it.  You’ve had almost no mobility in your shoulder.  God’s healing you right now by the power of the living God, in the authority of Jesus’ mighty name. And there’s a heat, Lindsay, there’s a heat, there’s a heat flowing through my hands.  The Bible said that God did miracles through the hands of the apostles.  And God is doing miracles through my hands.  No, it’s not my power, friend.  I don’t have any healing power, but I’m hooked up to Jesus who does.


In the authority of Jesus’ name, I come against cancer and the fear of it.  I rebuke it now in the name of Jesus.  I come against that terrible thing that’s tried to attach itself to your vital organs, colon, kidney, liver, gall bladder.  In the authority of Jesus’ name, I speak to it.  I command it to be made whole.

I speak to the lining of your stomach.  Ulcers, be made whole in Jesus’ mighty name.  Heart, beat normally.  Blood pressure and blood sugar be healed in the authority of Jesus’ name.  Every tumor, every wart, every growth, dissolve, in the authority of Jesus’ mighty name.


I come against the problem in your eyes.  Lindsay, there’s a word of knowledge about a cataract being healed right now.


LR: Hallelujah!


RR: Right now, in Jesus’ name.  Hallelujah, Father!  I give you the praise and the glory and the honor.  Deafness, I command you to go.  Inner ear problem, go.  Eustachian tube, be made whole.  Ear drum, be healed.  Perforation, go, in the authority of Jesus’ name.  Arterial sclerosis, I especially speak to you tonight.  In Jesus’ name, I command it to leave you and to leave you right now in Jesus’ name.


Now every one of you, I want you to just lift your hands.  You here tonight with us in the studio, lift your hands. Every one of you at home, lifts your hands, and begins to give praise and glory to God.  Lindsay, He inhabits, He lives in the praises of His people.  If you feel the power of God touching you tonight, I want you to go to your telephone right now and call us and let us know what God is doing.  Come on, give the Lord a handclap of praise tonight.  Miracles are happening, Lindsay. Miracles are happening.


LR: Where was that you were reading at?


RR: Acts 5, Acts, chapter 5.  I was reading in verse 12.  Miracles were wrought through the hands of the apostles, Lindsay.  That’s scriptural.  That’s the Bible.


LR: Now I know Acts is in here.  Hold on.

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The Living Word of God by Richard Roberts


RR: Okay, here it is, The Source, The Seed, The Answer.  You can get your copy by writing Lindsay or me in care of this ministry here in Tulsa.  If you live in Canada, Toronto, Ontario.  Or you can call the prayer group at 918-495-7777.  Or you can e-mail us. We’re getting lots of e-mails:  Also, here is the book on prayer that my father has written, Prayers for Seed-Faith Living, one hundred prayers prayed by Oral Roberts.  They’re free, there’s no obligation.  We want to give them to you.  Just call or write and let us know that you want them. Here are two calls about lungs


LR: Halleluiah.


RR: concerning words of knowledge I just gave about maybe ten or fifteen minutes ago.  Esther is calling from right here in Tulsa. “I’ve been watching your program nightly.  I’ve had lung problems.  I’ve kept saying, “God, don’t pass me by.”


LR: Yes!


RR: “Tonight you called out healing for the lungs.  I receive that healing.  I’ve had asthma and pneumonia and other lung problems. Now I can breathe fully into my lungs.”  Halleluiah.


LR: Halleluiah.


RR: And here is Ernest, also from Tulsa, lung condition since 1986. “All the time I’ve had problems.  I’ve been on oxygen.  Watching your program now I heard you give a word of knowledge about lungs, and the pain is greatly reduced.  The right side is much better.” Ernest, in the name of Jesus, I pray for what God did to the right side, for Him to do on the left side.  Anyone with lung conditions laid your hand on your chest right now.  In the authority of the name of Jesus, I speak the living word of God to you.  I rebuke this thing, and I pray for you to be healed from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.  Lung condition, are thou made whole. I’ll tell you, the power of God is healing lungs tonight, healings lungs.  Also hearing loss and ringing of the ear, in the ear.


God’s healing hearing loss and He’s healing ringing in the ear tonight in Jesus’ name.  Whoever you are, get up and call us and let us know what God is doing in your life. Lindsay, in just a few minutes time, I’m going to introduce my dad and my mother, Oral and Evelyn Roberts.  And it’s going to be the first time that they have been a guest with us lives on this program.  And I’m so glad that they’re here to be with us tonight.


But I’m going to do something first.  I’m going to take you back to 1958 to Charleston, South Carolina, to meet Mrs. W. C. Murphy.  This is an incredible healing testimony.  And you’ll see my heritage.  You’ll see the healing power of God flowing through a man’s life, a man named Oral Roberts.  And then you’re going to meet him in person.  See what God did, and know that God is still the same God.  He’s still doing what He did.  God with me now to Charleston, South Carolina, 1958.

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