In The Name of Thy Son by Richard Roberts


MRS. BLACK: Well, Gary has evidently had this trouble, leg Perthes, or softening of the joint bones, since he was born.  We’ve had a number of doctors with him, and they had difficulty finding the trouble until the child was finally calling.  And he was put in the hospital in traction and sleeping on boards.  Then he was sent home and was confined to the bed.  Since then, he’s been put on crutches and was in a strap.


OR: How long has he been on crutches?


MRS. BLACK: Sixteen months.


OR: And he was put in a strap.


MRS. BLACK: Yes, to keep the right leg up, because most of the difficult was in the right hip.  And there have been a number of X rays taken and checks at intervals and he’s been very, very bad off.  But the doctor says he thinks it has reached its peak, but for us to trust in God.


OR: Your doctor told you to trust in God.


MRS. BLACK: He said to trust in God.


OR: Well, you know, there are a lot of good doctors who will tell you once they’ve done what they can, there’s a higher power who can do it.  Isn’t that a wonderful way to feel?


MRS. BLACK: The bone in the right hip has flattened a great deal, and the doctor said if he didn’t come out of it that he would probably develop arthritis at an early age or be a cripple.


OR: And be a cripple the rest of his life.  Well now, Gary, are you glad that you’re here?


G: Yes.


OR: Well, what do you thinks’ going to happen?


G: I’ll be healed.


OR: You think you’ll be healed?


G: Yes.


OR: Why do you think that, hon?


G: Because God will help me.


OR: Because God will help you?


G: Yes.


OR: Oh, that’s good.  Now, audience, how many of you have children, let me see your hands.  Sure you do.  Now I want you to help me pray for little Gary Pridemore tonight.  And if this child is healed, it will be a miracle.  There’s no doubt about that.  And I’m hoping that other children will be healed while he’s healed right here.


Are you ready, audience?  Brother DeWeese, take those, please.  Brother DeWeese, I believe I’ll have you put him on my knee.  Mrs. Black, you take his crutches, please.  What do you say now, Gary?


G: I feel funny up here.


OR: You feel funny up here on my knee?


G: Yes.


OR: Well.  All right, audience, let’s everyone, you sit right here, hon, till I pray for you and don’t be afraid.  O God, we bring little Gary to thee tonight.  We ask for this miracle in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  We ask that you heal the softening of the bone and the flat hip bone.  Heal his body from the crown of his head, O Lord, to the soles of his feet.

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Think About God by Richard Roberts

RR: Satan has tormented her for many years, causing an illusion of the smell of burnt flesh.  She’s a grown woman now.  While watching the Hour of Healing the other night, Lindsay, you prayed a prayer for tormenting spirits to be broken.


LR: I sure did.


RR: And Barbara received that prayer.  She called in the Abundant Life Prayer Group prayer partners.  She said, “After Lindsay’s prayer to God in my behalf, today I am totally set free from that tormenting spirit.”


LR: Hallelujah!


RR: Barbara, I am so thrilled, Barbara, at what God is doing in your life in Georgia.  There may be others tonight, you’re watching, you’re watching this program tonight and you have been just tormented by this spirit that seems to come on you because of something that’s happened in the past.  Lindsay, God used you, your faith and your prayers, to bring deliverance to Barbara in Georgia.  I want you to pray right now for anyone who has a tormenting spirit.


God did not send a tormenting spirit to you.  He didn’t send fear to you.  But, instead, He sent the power of love, the sound mind, and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.  Lindsay, would you pray right now.


LR: You know, God said, “Beloved.”  First of all, that’s what He thinks you are His beloved.  Then He said, “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”  You know, when you stop and think about God, first of all, who calls you Beloved.  You know, we have Valentine’s Day coming up, and everybody wants hearts and flowers and candy and all that.


But we have a God that calls us Beloved, and there is no greater love than a God that calls us Beloved.  But He said He sent His Son, Jesus, so that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.  And being tormented is not part of the plan.


RR: That’s right.


LR: And in the name of Jesus, I speak directly to the tormentor, Satan himself.


RR: Directly.


LR: And by the authority of Jesus’ name not my name, but by the authority of Jesus’ name, the one who shed His blood on Calvary, I speak to that tormenting thing and I say, “You be gone in Jesus’ name.  You foul, tormenting thing, in the name of Jesus, I command you to cease and desist.”  That means, stop it, that’s enough.  And I have that right according to the Word of God.

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The Healing Evangelism by Lindsay Roberts


And I ask because I’m a Christian and a minister of the Gospel, through the name of Christ, that God will heal Tommy Scarborough.  Heal him.  In the name of Christ, the Son of the living God, put your healing hand upon Tommy and heal.  O God, release this hip. This little hip doesn’t feel like the other one.  There’s a bone sticking out.  O God, cause the flesh to grow upon it.  Free it. Release it.


Audience, with your faith, just one more time with me.  God, I ask that his little body be healed.  Tommy, you may be able to walk.  I don’t know.  I began to feel God’s power very strong. Sister, you do what you think you should with him now.


RR: Well, somebody give the Lord praise tonight.  And what God is doing, He’s still doing these days.  That is how this ministry was founded.  It was founded in the fires of healing evangelism.  And Lindsay and I are joined tonight by my dad and my mother, Oral and Evelyn Roberts, to the glory of God, who are celebrating their 50th year in the ministry.  Glory to God!  The healing ministry.  Hallelujah!  Dad and mother, welcome.


OR: Richard, sitting there watching that, I was thinking of how I held that little boy, just one person, in my arms, while there were 12,000 people seated out in front of me.  And outside with the flaps up, many thousands more.  And one thought was going through my mind other than praying for him, was, I wish I could take that whole crowd in my arms.  But I had to take them one person at a time.


And then I thought as I watched you and Lindsay tonight that in homes across this nation, there are not 12,000 people in that home or 20,000, but maybe one, two or five or six.  And this is like an electronic tent.  You reach out and you can touch those individuals.  All those people had to wait till I prayed for this one and they had to wait for the next one, and it took sixteen days for me to get to all those people.  And you can get to these people immediately.  And you at home can receive it instantly.


I tell you, I’m so proud of you, Richard, and of Lindsay.  I appreciate the anointing of God upon you.  I appreciate the integrity and honesty of your lives.  I appreciate your being president of Oral Roberts University, that it’s in good hands.


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Believe in the Word of God by Lindsay Roberts

C: Thirty years ago I got hurt at work.  I was working at the mill. I had to go to the hospital.  They operated on my back.  They knocked me off the table where my heart had stopped beating, and knocked everything loose.  And for thirty years I’ve been in pain.


RR: Thirty years?


C: Yes, thirty years.


RR: Wow!


C: And last night was the first night that I haven’t had to take a pain pill.


LR: Yea!


RR: What did you feel, Carrie, when we prayed?


C: I just felt good.  I didn’t have no trembling or anything.  I just felt good.  I just let the Lord work on me.


RR: Did you hear me say, “Stretch your hands out and put your hands on my hands?”


C: Yes, I got up and went to the television.


RR: You did?


C: Yes, put my hands on your hands.


RR: Yes.


C: And I could hardly make it to the television, but I got there.  But I praise the Lord because I did.  And I’m healed.


RR: You’re healed.


LR: Hallelujah!


RR: Oh, somebody give God praise. Carrie, thank you for calling and sharing that testimony.  Lindsay, that’s a miracle. Now, Lindsay, there’s no power in my hands, but the Bible said God worked through the hands of the apostles.  Thank God, He’s working through the hands of men and women who are anointed of God today.


If you need healing Lindsay, I want you to join me right now in any area of your body, what God did in Carrie’s life; He can do in your life.  You may have never walked over to a television set and laid your hands on somebody’s hands before. You may be saying, “Well, that’s the silliest thing that I’ve ever heard.”  Well, maybe Carrie thought so too, but she did it in obedience to what I said under the anointing of God.  And you just heard her testimony.  She got healed.


Why don’t you walk over right now, lay your hands on my hands.  In the authority of the name of Jesus, I speak to this condition in your body.  I am coming back to gout, Lindsay. There’s a healing of gout right now.  Somebody who’s had gout is receiving healing.  And there’s, uh huh, yes, there’s a person who, the Lord is giving me the word you punctured your face. You’ve had a puncture in your face, and Jesus is healing that right now.  The Lord is healing your face right now.

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