Believe God for A Mighty Miracle by Lindsay Roberts


RR: God can heal marriages.  In Jesus’ name I rebuke this problem in your marriage and I pray for God to put a new love for you in him, a new love for him in you, and for God to heal your marriage in the name of Jesus.


LR: Yes, marriage restoration.


RR: All these requests, in the authority of the name of Jesus  and all these too, honey  in Jesus’ name, we set our faith in agreement with you for the healing that you need from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, in the mighty name of Jesus.


And, Satan, you take your hands off God’s property, and we believe God for a mighty miracle.  Amen and amen.  Hallelujah!  Somebody give the Lord praise.    Hallelujah!


We’ll see you tomorrow night on Something Good Tonight the Hour of Healing.  Thank you for adopting ORU students.  God bless you.


ANNOUNCER: Even after our program leaves the air, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is on duty 24 hours a day to take your call at 918-495-7777.  Our e-mail address is something good@oru.edu.  Or send us your prayer request so that we can join our faith with yours and believe God for the miracle you need.


Write Richard and Lindsay Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74171.  Or in Canada, Toronto, Ontario M4P2G2.  We also encourage you to be a part of our live studio audience for an upcoming Something Good Tonight.


Call 918-495-7070 for times and seating availability.  This program is made possible through the support of Partners and friends of the Oral Roberts Ministries.


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Bless His Words by Richard Roberts


And, Lindsay, I thought that if people would do that, I ought to do something nice for them.  And something happened that was absolutely miraculous.  Sam Butcher, our friend


LR: Of Precious Moments.


RR:  who is the founder and creator of Precious Moments up in Carthage, Missouri, has created something that is based on something that happened after he read my father’s book.  Sam had come down to Tulsa to receive an honorary doctorate a year and a half ago from Oral Roberts University.  And Sam is a friend of Oral Roberts University


LR: Yes, he is.


RR:  and I want Sam to tell the story himself of exactly what happened.  We sent one of our crew up to Carthage, Missouri for Sam to tell the story of what he created and what we’re going to give.  And Sam’s made this possible.  In fact, this is the first time Sam’s ever done anything like this.  He’s made


LR: Let him explain.  Okay, let him explain.


RR: Okay.  Let me take you to Carthage, Missouri and let Sam Butcher explain to you for himself.


LR: Yeah.


SAM BUTCHER: Precious Moments is very down-to-earth.  I believe that whoever honors the Lord that the Lord will bless, and especially He’ll bless His Word.  And a lot of the figurines certainly declare His Word.


I had an opportunity to visit the Oral Roberts University for a special occasion, and it was there that I met Oral Roberts.  And he presented me with this book, and I happened to be on my way to Asia to work with a company over there and he had dedicated this book to me, so I took it and read it on the plane.


And the thing that really struck me was the life of his parents and how very simplistic they were and how very sweet their faith was in the Lord, and especially his mother and how completely dedicated she was in her faith in dedicating him actually before he was born.


And I just thought of other mothers like her and especially her act.  And I thought to myself, you know, everyone knows Oral Roberts, but what about the mother?  She was truly a dedicated and wonderful Christian.  The thing that touched me so much was how he said as a child he could hear them praying, and they would be talking to their heavenly Father as though He was there close as breath.


And I thought, how beautiful this couple, I mean, here these people don’t even realize that someday they’re going to have a very famous son.  So I just wanted to show her not only as carrying the burden of his burden through her prayers, but also carrying this one on her back because she loved him.

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The Absolute Miracle by Richard Roberts


I won’t give his name, but he’s in Colorado, got a man, a call from a man who called us by mistake.  He was calling one of those 1-900 numbers.  We don’t know how it happened.  We have no idea how it happened, but somehow he misdialed and he got the Abundant Life Prayer Group.  It’s in Colorado.


Let me tell you what, truth is stranger than fiction.  He called from Colorado and got the Abundant Life Prayer Group by mistake, thought he was dialing one of those 1-900 numbers.  He’s single and has had a lot of problems in his life, thought it was okay to call.  And then he wound up with a prayer partner, and the prayer partner led him to Jesus Christ.  He received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  Whoo!  Whoo!


LR: Remember the lady you told us about?  Richard preached in Riverside, California this past yesterday


RR: Yesterday, yesterday.


LR: And there was a lady who came to the service and did not feel comfortable coming forward.  She was in a pair of pants and not that that matters.  I wear pants in church all the time.  But this was her first time in church.  She was real shy, real inhibited, and didn’t feel like coming forward because she was wearing pants.


RR: She heard I was coming because Pastor Ron Halvorson at Bethel Christian Center in Riverside had advertised on television that I was going to preach yesterday morning.


LR: And she had a tumor on the back of her leg.  Richard called out that some woman had a tumor on the back of her leg and God was healing her.  And then she was too embarrassed to come up and admit it.  And yesterday the pastor called and said, “You’re never going to believe it.  This lady came up afterwards, said she was too shy, and said it was her first time, she was embarrassed. She pulled up her pant leg and the tumor was healed.”


RR: Totally gone!  That’s a miracle.  That’s an absolute miracle.  We had tremendous services yesterday, Lindsay, in Riverside, California.


LR: And the week before that in


RR: Up in the Los Angeles area.


LR: Los Angeles, uh huh.


RR: Here’s another call from Carol in Muskegan, Michigan, had a kidney transplant and liver disease, but was not aware that she had liver disease.  Now this is unusual.  “While watching the Hour of Healing, Richard gave a word of knowledge about someone with a liver disease, but was not aware of it.  And you said, ‘God’s healing them now.'”

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God Is The Answer by Richard Roberts


And we start watching.  So when God sends it, which He will, we don’t let it pass by.  We reach out and grab it, and we receive it and then we plant seed out of that, so that we’re continuously planting financial seeds.  We’re planting seeds of our time.  Often we give our time and don’t take anything for it. Often we give books without charge to people who write.  We sometimes give Bibles.  Sometimes you and I go and minister and do not receive anything financial for that, and we plant that as a seed of our faith.


In other words, you can’t defeat us.  You can’t defeat the Roberts, because we are Seed-Faithers.  We’ve got seed in and we’ve got hundreds of miracles that are due, and they’re coming in from the right and the left, the north and the south, the east and the west, from above and from beneath.  They’re coming in.  And there are also spiritual blessings that we plant seed for. We’re facing a spiritual problem, and all of us face spiritual problems.  And I could mention other things in reply to your question.  But we also pray in the Spirit because our minds do not know the answer.


LR: That’s for sure.


OR: Only God is the answer.  And He fundamentally works, first of all, through our spirit.  Now once we pray to God in tongues and we wait for the interpretation for God to say a word back to our spirit, then with our spirit, we can bring it up to our mind and we can bring our mind and our spirit together, and we get answers that we would never have received any other way.  We’re praying in the Spirit and planting our seeds of faith to God.  Whether anybody knows about it, God knows about it, and we know about it.  And it keeps us on our tiptoes of faith, expecting.  That’s why you can’t defeat us.  The answer, the harvest is coming in all the time, all the time.


LR: Well, that’s something in your spirit, that attitude of expectancy.  And I think that’s kind of what I was saying early in the program.  I think I had gotten so exhausted that I sort of had lost my attitude of expectancy.  And then what you did was stir something up in me.  I didn’t get an instant, total, complete healing.  I got a good start.


OR: Yes, but you had planted seed for your healing.


LR: Yes, sir, I did.


OR: And when I prayed for you last night, twice, twice, I hit pay dirt, twice.  I knew, I knew, I knew the healing would come.  I knew it, and I stopped.  In fact, I didn’t pray over a half minute, I guess.


LR: That’s true

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