God Is The Answer by Richard Roberts


And we start watching.  So when God sends it, which He will, we don’t let it pass by.  We reach out and grab it, and we receive it and then we plant seed out of that, so that we’re continuously planting financial seeds.  We’re planting seeds of our time.  Often we give our time and don’t take anything for it. Often we give books without charge to people who write.  We sometimes give Bibles.  Sometimes you and I go and minister and do not receive anything financial for that, and we plant that as a seed of our faith.


In other words, you can’t defeat us.  You can’t defeat the Roberts, because we are Seed-Faithers.  We’ve got seed in and we’ve got hundreds of miracles that are due, and they’re coming in from the right and the left, the north and the south, the east and the west, from above and from beneath.  They’re coming in.  And there are also spiritual blessings that we plant seed for. We’re facing a spiritual problem, and all of us face spiritual problems.  And I could mention other things in reply to your question.  But we also pray in the Spirit because our minds do not know the answer.


LR: That’s for sure.


OR: Only God is the answer.  And He fundamentally works, first of all, through our spirit.  Now once we pray to God in tongues and we wait for the interpretation for God to say a word back to our spirit, then with our spirit, we can bring it up to our mind and we can bring our mind and our spirit together, and we get answers that we would never have received any other way.  We’re praying in the Spirit and planting our seeds of faith to God.  Whether anybody knows about it, God knows about it, and we know about it.  And it keeps us on our tiptoes of faith, expecting.  That’s why you can’t defeat us.  The answer, the harvest is coming in all the time, all the time.


LR: Well, that’s something in your spirit, that attitude of expectancy.  And I think that’s kind of what I was saying early in the program.  I think I had gotten so exhausted that I sort of had lost my attitude of expectancy.  And then what you did was stir something up in me.  I didn’t get an instant, total, complete healing.  I got a good start.


OR: Yes, but you had planted seed for your healing.


LR: Yes, sir, I did.


OR: And when I prayed for you last night, twice, twice, I hit pay dirt, twice.  I knew, I knew, I knew the healing would come.  I knew it, and I stopped.  In fact, I didn’t pray over a half minute, I guess.


LR: That’s true

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