The Healing of Marriage by Lindsay Roberts


LR: I have been reading for this for a long time because I have felt just a churning and a burning of what God is going to do. I just believe that this one is going to just explode something in the Spirit realm. And, I’m telling you, breaking the spirit of debt means breaking the spirit of lack. Whatever it is that is lacking, something has begun to break loose in this university, in this ministry, and I think it’s going to get on anybody who wants to get it on them when they get here.


DB: We want you to know that a twelve week old church, Fort Myers Christian Center, wants to invest in the debt retirement of this college. Early this morning, 4:30, as we were leaving to come here because we would never miss Lindsay’s conferences. We need to get under the spout where the glory comes out because we’re giving out down there.  We need to be able to give.


We’ve come with our sleeves rolled up; ready to be a support to this, to do whatever we have to do to help. But at 4:30 this morning Dawn said to me, “Mom, we’ve got to give something from Fort Myers Christian Center, sow into this ministry as we go. Shall I take a check?”  I said, “Yes, take it.”


So I want you to know that we believe in the sowing and reaping principle. We always have. We’ve been a part of this ministry for years and years, even when we were up in Boston ministering.  We were Golden Eagles, if you remember when dad was Just months after we sowed being a Golden Eagle, we then received air time and we went on TV in the greater Boston area.  So it’s reaping what we sowed. Though we sowed, not expecting that, that’s what came back on the water.


And something you said, Lindsay, about the devourer, I have seen it happen in this new babe of a church that people that have been attending have been sowing heartily. And they have been receiving a harvest of healing in their bodies, healing in their marriages, healing in relationships.


And I just would like to provoke the folks, primarily I’d like to target the greater Southwest part of Florida to sow heartily into this ministry because that which you are interceding for and praying for, the devourer will not be able to eat that part of your petition.

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