The Miracle of Faith by Richard Roberts


The Lord said He asked me this question. He said, “What are the 2 gifts that I gave man after creating him?”


I said, “Dominion and authority.”


He said, “No, dominion and authority was the first gift.” He said, “What was the second gift?”


I said, “Well, Lord, to be very honest with You, I’ve never thought of it in terms of gift number one and gift number two.”


He said, “Well, where did you find gift number one?”


I said, “Genesis 1:26-28.”


He said, “If you keep reading, do you suppose you might find gift number two?”


I said, “Yes.”


So I read Genesis 1:26-28, and then I got down to verse 29, and here is the second gift that God gave man after creating him. “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed.”


So the first thing God gave man was authority. The second thing God gave man was seed. And it says that the seed shall be for meat. And another translation says “provision.” So from the very beginning, God has intended for man to live by the seed that he sows. God gave man authority and He gave him seed, from day one.


And what the Word says to me was this. He said, “Son, when a man has a revelation that he has authority and seed, he can make it anywhere on this planet.”All you need is authority and seed and you can make it anywhere. I don’t care what nation. I started preaching the laws of prosperity in the nation of Kenya 25 years ago.


LR: And they said it wouldn’t work.


JS: They told me I couldn’t preach that message there. They said


RR: It won’t work in Africa.


JS: That’s right. They said, “This is a Third World country. These people are poor. You can’t preach prosperity here.”


I said, “It sounds like it to me where we need to preach it the most.”


I started teaching them these very principles. And by the way, I learned those principles from the Miracle of Seed Faith from your father’s book. And a lot


RR: Who got it from the Bible?


JS: Yes. And along with Kenneth Copeland, who came along and expounded upon it for me after he saw it work in your dad’s life.

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