Godly men and women are in power by Richard Roberts

This past year, there’s a man in this country, a well- known man…  If I gave his name, many of you would recognize it.  He wrote a letter to more than a million Christians.  And in his letter, and I’m paraphrasing what he said, he said, “The body of Christ’s job is to evangelize the world, not to go to the polls and vote.”

And many people believed him.  My friends, you talk about a way of evangelizing the world, you put godly men and women in office in this land, and you’ll be in a position where you can evangelize the world.  …RESPONSE…  I mean, excuse me for saying it, but how dumb can you get and still breathe?

Joyce was talking about the apostle Paul, and that he wasn’t all spiritual.  Did you notice the Bible says he was a citizen of Rome.  We’re citizens of this country, most of us, and we have many internationals here.

Dr. Myles Munroe, who was seated here in the front this morning, or seated here tonight, this morning told us in the board of trustees meeting that in his nation, in the Bahamas, his prime minister is born again and the parliament is 85 percent Christian-85 percent.  …APPLAUSE…   He said, “The church, the ministry, is literally running the country.”  Godly men and women are in power.  And without revealing all the details, he told the story about a certain cruise ship that was coming to the island that was not of God.  And the churches of God got together, and they would not let it into the country.  …APPLAUSE…

Now the last time I checked, the Bahamas are only about a hundred miles off of Florida.  It’s getting close to America.  It’s getting close.   There’s a case…  I’ll do it.  There’s a case in Texas. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it.  It’s out of Santa Fe, Texas, in Galveston County, where a high school had a prayer at the end of every commencement.  Two students got offended and they sued.

It’s been through court in all of Texas, it’s been through the national news, and the judge ruled, “We’re going to let you pray, but we’re going to check what you pray.”  And the judge said, “You can use the word God, and you can use the word Almighty, but you cannot use the name of Jesus.” 

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