God bless you by Richard Roberts

Hello to everyone here in Ibadan.  Special gettings tonight to Dr. Ibiara and his dear wife and to all of the crusade committee and to every supporting pastor and minister, to the great choir and musicians, to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this to pass.  I am grateful, and I thank you for this invitation.  I have looked forward to this for a long time.

I’ve come with a team, medical doctors and dentists and nurses and technicians.  This day they’ve been doing their medical work, treating patients, doing surgery, doing their dental work and their technical work.  And they’ll be doing that this week.

But I learned something tonight.  I found out they can sing.  Would you all stand, please?  All the team stand.  Give them a God bless you.  Hallelujah!  Give them a handclap.  (Applause)  I want the choir to be on guard.  You have some competition on this side.  They want to sing like you.

I want to bring you special love and greetings from my family.  I spoke with my wife about two hours ago, and I told her that we were on the way to the service.  And she began to pray.  She is a woman of prayer.  She loves God with all of her heart, and she loves me.  (Applause)  Amen.  And I love her with all my heart.

We have three daughters.  Our oldest daughter is 20, and the middle daughter is 18, and the young daughter is 16.  I live with four women.  (Response)  And that is scriptural.  The Bible says, “Blessed am I among women.”  So I have a Bible wife, and I have three Bible daughters.  And they send all their love and all their prayers to you tonight.  Amen.  Hallelujah!

I also want to greet you in behalf of my father Oral Roberts.  (Applause)  My father’s name is a household word throughout America and the world.  This past week he celebrated his 88th birthday.  He is still preaching the gospel.  He is still praying for the sick.  He’s alive, and he is well, and he is anointed by the Holy Ghost.  And I thank God for him.

Richard Roberts – I was three years old when we started reading that. I remember the picture of Goliath and the Philistine brass, 9′ 9″ tall, that grimace on his face, looking down at the tiny, Hebrew shepherd boy, but he had the sling. And mom would describe that and read that and that was so vivid, it was so real to me.


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