The Power Of God In My Life by Richard Roberts

He was seated beside the highway outside the city of Jericho.  Each day he was led there.  And the garment that he wore allowed him to be a professional beggar, because he was blind.  And there are many who are blind today.  Not just blind in their eyes, but blind to the things of God.

And many live a beggar’s lifestyle and not having any idea what is available to them through the power of God.  This is why I have come to Niger, to bring you the good news, for the blindness to be removed and for you to know that there is a God of power, and there’s a God of might, and there’s a God who loves you.

He knows who you are.  He knows where you live.  He knows what you’re going through.  And He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to go to the cross, to take on your sin and mine, and to have His back bloodied and striped for your healing so that you might have abundant, everlasting and eternal life.

This is why I have come to Niger.  I did not come to bring you bad news.  I came to bring you the good news of the gospel, that He’s for you.  He’s not against you.  Hallelujah!

This man sat beside the road begging.  He was blind in his eyes, but he was also blind in his heart.  And then someone told him about Jesus.  And when he heard it, something was lighted in his heart.

When you hear about Jesus, something happens in your heart.  Suddenly hope, hope springs up.  He heard that Jesus was passing his way.  Many have heard that I was coming to Niger, but not me.  It’s the God in me.

I am just a man, but I have the power of God in my life.  That’s why there are miracles wherever I go.  But it is not because of me, but it is because of Him who is in me.

The Bible says, “Greater is he who is in you than he that is in the world.”  Can you say amen?  (Response)

Richard Roberts – Mother love can be used as a lifelong influence. Moms are usually the first ones to read us Bible stories.

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