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Knowledge is supernatural information by Richard Roberts

Now, as I said, June 4 was an amazing time, we’re looking forward to July 9th.  But after June 4, my husband went and left that meeting, went immediately up to Edmonton in Canada.  In fact it was West Edmonton Christian Assembly; let me get it right, West Edmonton Christian Assembly.  Because I’ll tell you what, as he was invited to go up there, the Lord went with him, and the healings broke out.  He called me, and he said, “Lindsay, I had a wonderful message, but I barely got the greeting out, and God began to move in miracles, signs, and wonders.”  And so, I believe this service will be a blessing to you.  We’ve got a lot of things afterwards, to talk about after you see this healing service; but what I want you to do right now is believe God that what God did here in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 4th, what I believe He’s gonna do July 9th in Tulsa, what He did in Edmonton up in Canada, I believe He can do for you.  So, as you’re watching this program, I encourage you to expect a miracle.  So let’s go to Edmonton and join Richard Roberts.

Edmonton healing service:

Richard Roberts:  Praise God.  Hello I’m Richard Roberts.  It is good to be here in Edmonton.  When I got to the hotel, after I landed, I got my bag, I went to the hotel, I changed clothes, and I felt something very strong coming down my right arm.  I felt the presence of God coming down my right arm, and I was just sitting there in my room; there was a chair, and I was just sitting there, and I felt the presence of God coming down my right arm.

Now, when my father, Oral Roberts, went home to be with the Lord in December, he went home to be with the Lord, he had told me that a double anointing of the Holy Spirit was going to come on me, and it would be for healing.  And most of my ministry over these years, I have operated in the gift of the word of knowledge.  Word of knowledge is supernatural information that comes from God, and I speak it out, and people are healed.

Saving Souls – You’ve seen me do that on television, and the last thirteen years on television, we’ve had more than 125,000 healing testimonies, primarily through the operation of the word of knowledge.  We’re seeing about twenty medically documented healings of cancer every month through this ministry.

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