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Give the Lord praise tonight by Richard Robert

I did not come with the enticing words of men, but I came in power and with demonstration of the mighty acts of God.  Thank You for the anointing of the Holy Spirit tonight.  I receive it now.  Thank You for confirming Your Word with miracles and signs and wonders.

Satan, you take your hands off every person here.  They do not belong to you.  They belong to God.  And I claim them for the kingdom, in the authority of Jesus’ name.  Every demonic spirit, you turn loose of every person.

And let there be the hearing of faith tonight.  And let faith rise in the hearts of men and women.  Let them hear the word of God.  Let it get deep into their hearts.  Then confirm Your Word with miracles, for miracles are Your proof that You’re a live God and not a dead God.

Father, I lift my hands and I thank You and I praise You.  And I give You honor and glory, in Christ’s name, amen and amen.  Give the Lord praise tonight.

I did not grow up wanting to serve God, although I was born into a minister’s family, although my father’s ministry was known around the world.  I was not interested in God.  I had my own dream and my own plan.  But at 19, God arrested my attention, and I fell on my knees and I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart.  I gave my heart to Him.  And He immediately called me to preach.  He called me to pray for the sick and to see great miracles.

And since 19, I have traveled to nations all over the world.  And I have been on television all over the world with the saving, healing, delivering message of Jesus Christ.  And I say to you tonight, God is a good God.  The God I serve is a good God.  And He showed himself alive by miracles and signs and wonders.

Richard Roberts – At 19, I committed my life to Christ and I began to study the Bible.  And one of the first scriptures I came across was John 3:16.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him would not perish, but have everlasting life.”

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The source of my life by Richard Roberts

When I got saved, I asked in Jesus’ name.  When that healing came in my hand, plus many healings since, I ask in Jesus’ name.  When I plant my seed of my finances, I sow it and ask in Jesus’ name.  Why?  Because He is the source of my life.  In Him I live and move and have my being.

Yes, I live in this world, but I am not a part of this world.  I’m right in the middle of it, but I am not of it.  My heart is in God’s hands.

Yes, I’m a citizen of my country.  Yes, I do things that other citizens do.  I vote in elections.  I pay my taxes.  I buy food for our table.  I take care of my wife and children.  I’m responsible for a university and a worldwide ministry.  I’m on television.

I am in the world, but I am not of the world.  This world is not my home.  I am just a temporary resident.  I am here on a temporary visa.  This is but a small portion of my life.  However many years I live will be but a small portion of my life, for I shall not remain here.  The day will come when the trumpet of God will sound and heaven will be assembled.  And those who have died in the faith will rise from the dead, brushing the dirt from their hair.

And those of us who remain alive will be caught up in the air to meet with the Lord.  I don’t know whether I’m coming out of the grave or coming from the ground.

Richard Roberts –  I just know when that day comes, I’m going.  I don’t know in what condition my body will be.  I may come up from the grave, I may go from behind the wheel of my car, or I may go while I’m in church, or at home with my family.

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To the glory of God the Father by Richard Roberts

And Paul would later write that God has given Jesus a name which is above every name named in heaven and earth and at that name, every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

We ask many things of God.  What are you asking of Him today?  What are you asking Him today?  Are you expecting someone else to ask, or are you asking?  Is your relationship with God so that you can ask Him, or do you come to Him through someone else?  He said, “You ask, and you shall receive, that your joy shall be full.”

Turn to the person next to you and say, “Ask, and you shall receive.”

He said, “You must ask.  If you want to receive, you must ask.  If you want to find, you must seek.  If you want to receive, you must sow.”  It’s backwards to what the world thinks.  The world says, “What goes up must come down.”  But God’s different.  What goes down, that is what you sow, must come up.

If you want to keep your life, you must give your life.  In fact, the only way to keep your life is to sow your life.  So He said, “Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

I’m not talking about asking if you can win the lottery.  I’m not talking about asking if God would rain 100 euro notes out of heaven.  I’m talking about asking things about your life.  What are you asking Him today?  Are you asking Him about your soul realm, the mind, the will, and the emotions?

Science would call that the psyche area of your life, the soul realm, the mind, the will, the emotions.  That’s where many people live.  They live in the soul realm.  Much of music today is called music of the soul because the songs deal with the mind and the will and the emotions.  Most of the music today does not deal with the spirit of man.  It deals with the soul of man.

Richard Roberts – And it is our mind, our will, and emotions that need redemption.  I don’t know about you, but my thought life messes me up.  I’ll be thinking good thoughts, when suddenly I see a bad thought come in.  Paul said, “When I want to do good, there bad is with me also.”

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Believe God for a miracle by Richard Roberts

They knew the scriptures, and they knew they had a right to healing.  It was referred to as the children’s bread, and the woman spoke up to Jesus, and said, “You’re right, I don’t deserve it.  I am like a dog, but even the little dogs in Israel, who sit on the lap of the master, get to eat of the crumbs at the table.”  She knew, even though she was not a Jew; even though she was a Syro-Phonecian woman, the Lebanese woman, she knew the Jewish custom.  The Jewish custom was that at meal time, the man of the house, the husband, would allow a little dog, like a lap dog, to sit on his lap.  And he would feed the scraps to the little dog.  She knew that, and she said, “You’re right about what you’re saying about me, but even in Israel, the little dogs get to eat the little scraps.”  What she was saying was, “I don’t need to have it all.  You just give me a crumb, and I will loose my faith, and I will believe God for a miracle.”

Now, it was in the 1950’s, I was just a little boy, and I was traveling with my dad, Oral Roberts.  We were in Jacksonville, FL, in the United States in a crusade.  I remember it.  I was maybe eight of nine years old.  A mother brought her little boy, about my age, into the prayer line.  And Brother DeWeese, my dad’s longtime associate evangelist, handed my dad the little prayer card, about this size.  And my dad read it, and he saw that the little boy had been born without a hip socket.  He was on two crutches, metal crutches, and he had on a built-up shoe.

And he was facing being crippled all his life, because he was born, on this side, without a hip socket.  I don’t mean it was injured, I mean he didn’t have one.  His hip was all sunken in, because there was no socket; he was born without one.  He had a socket on the other side, but he did not have a hip socket on this side.  I saw it, I was there.  I was standing there watching it.  My dad looked up at the woman, and said to her, “Mam.”  And by the way, there were thousands there that night.  “Mam, I am so sorry.  I do not have faith for a creative miracle.

Saving Souls – This healing is going to have to wait until the resurrection.”  And there was a hush that fell over the crowd that night.  And the woman took the microphone from my father’s hand and said, “Oral Roberts, I don’t expect you to have any faith at all.  You just pray, I will do the believing.”


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