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Lot of Christianity by Richard Roberts

I want to ask you a question.  Do you see what I have in my hand?  Twenty bucks and a paper copy.  Look how good I did the paper copy.  If I were to ask you, which one would you pick, what would be your answer?  This may be a trick question.  You’d probably pick this one, and the answer would be why?  “Cause it

looks real.  OK, examine them, and tell me which one looks real. That one’s real?  Are you sure?  Which one would you pick?  Why? What would you do with it?  What would you do with this one?

This one has value, and this one basically has no value. Whichever one you want, you can keep it.  I got the counterfeit, and that kid got 20 bucks.

But the reason he made 20 bucks, is because he took the time to examine the counterfeit from the real and made a quality decision that would spend later on when he needed the $20.

The problem I see with an awful lot of Christianity, is we shout, and we holler, and we’re vulnerable, and God puts us in a place to be vulnerable so He can use us, but in the middle of our vulnerability, when the counterfeit comes along, we jump on it, and then we try to spend it like it’s real anointing, and you get in there and they’re about to arrest you for counterfeit $20.

And yet, as a Christian, God said, “Examine yourself.  Take a look.  Let it be confirmed in the mouths of several witnesses. It’ll bear witness with your spirit.”  But if you don’t know the Word of God, when something comes along, and you think it sounds an awful lot like God, and even the Bible says, in the very end the very elect will be deceived, how do you avoid all that junk?

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Glory adios! by Richard Roberts

One night I gave a word about backs being healed, just one word just like that cataract, and 500 people received healing in their backs.  I gave a word over to this section, but people over here piggybacked their faith.  I had a sense it was over here, and it was.  But they also attached their faith to it.  This man attached his faith to it.  This woman attached her faith to it and said, “That’s mine!  I receive it in Jesus’ name!”  So he got healed and she got healed and she got healed and he got healed.  Glory adios!

Now are you getting anything tonight?  Are you understanding this?  Do you think I’m somewhere out on a limb or on a wild goose chase?  No, I’m giving you the Bible.  Why don’t more churches pray for the sick?  Because they’re afraid they’ll fail, and they feel that people will blame them.  They’re scared.

The first time I prayed for the sick, I was so scared.  I was so scared that I would fail.  And I said to the Lord, “I’m so scared that I’ll fail.”  And the Lord said to me, “You have already failed.  Besides, you’re not going to heal them, I am.”

My job is not to heal.  My job is to pray.  Well, what happens if someone’s not healed?  Who knows?  Healing might have started and they haven’t noticed it yet.  Or maybe the healing will start tomorrow, or maybe the next day.  I’ve seen that happen many times.

And I always say to people, “I’m going into an agreement with you, and I’m not coming out of the agreement until the healing comes.”  That’s a good word.

Richard Roberts – Do you remember when Jesus went to a fig tree to find figs and there were no figs?  And Jesus cursed the fig tree and said, “You will bear no more fruit.”  Do you remember that story in the Bible?  Nothing seemingly happened on the outside, but something was happening on the inside.

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Healing by Richard Roberts

The third thing was, I knew I would see many miracles.  I saw the boy today in Apopa who was healed.  I saw many people last night here who were healed.  And I will see many more people tonight here healed.

BRENDA: My name is Brenda.  I’m a nurse.  I have been so privileged to be in your country, your beautiful country.  It is a paradise.  I know of no place in America this beautiful.  I take a picture everywhere I look, and it will help me remember.

Besides the beauty of your country, there’s beauty in your people.  I love your family love, the way I see the parents and the children and the brothers and sisters, the grandparents all show each other love.  I’ve seen love between our El Salvadorian churches as they held our hand and helped our team.  We could not do it without them.  And we could not do it, of course, if God was not here with us.

We did not bring God.  He was already here.  I want you to know the God I know and love.  And I’m excited that you will have that opportunity tonight.  And I just want to agree with the others who have given God the glory tonight for all He has done.  Gracias!

Richard Roberts – Hallelujah!  I’m honored tonight to have a member of my family here in El Salvador.  My daughter Jordan is here, and she is responsible for an organization called Hunger Needs a Voice.  She and our team have brought 500,000 meals for hungry children in El Salvador.  I want you to meet my daughter.

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In glory by Christ Jesus by Richard Roberts

The second thing, he said that it was a sacrifice acceptable.  The first murder in the world happened over a sacrifice.  Abel brought his firstfruit offering unto the Lord.  He gave first.  He gave off the top.  He gave his best, and God received it.

His brother Cain, however, gave only when he got around to it.  And he gave something he would not miss.  It meant nothing to him.  Therefore, it meant nothing to God.  And God rejected Cain’s offering, and Cain became so angry that he killed his brother.  That’s how much satan hates it when you give to God.

But Paul said their giving had a sweet smell and it was a sacrifice acceptable.  How many of you want your sacrifice to God to be acceptable?  Sweet smelling?  A sacrifice acceptable?  Then listen to this.  He said, “Your giving is well-pleasing to God.”  Well—pleasing.  It’s well-pleasing to God.

Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please him.”  What does that mean?  It means their giving had their faith attached to it.  It became a seed of their faith.  Their giving was sweet smelling, a sacrifice acceptable, and well-pleasing to God.

Then Paul said these words:  “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Tonight we are going to demonstrate the Bible.  Tonight I’m going to give you an opportunity to sow an offering unto the Lord.  But not because I desire a gift, no, no, no, no.  It’s because I desire fruit that may abound to your account.

Richard Roberts – Lift your hands unto the Lord.  Father, in Jesus’ name, tonight we are going to receive a Seed-Faith offering.  As we sow it, it will be sweet smelling.  It will be a sacrifice acceptable.  And it will be well—pleasing to You.

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