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The book of Acts

LR:  Praise the Lord.

RR:  “So it can be used, sold.”  A woman in New York said, “I want to give another gift annuity,” Lindsay, another gift annuity.

LR:  That’s what you saw when you talked to him.  You saw that in your spirit didn’t you?

HK:  Yeah, you know the reason why I’m here, for all the partners.  Really Richard, I think the most important thing that’s in my heart, and I agree, partners, they make it happen.  And God wants to announce, it’s God on a whole nother level.  It’s this ministry on a whole nother level.  It’s partnership on a whole nother level.  It’s financial support on a whole nother level.  It’s breaking into the political realm; where you’re gonna start effecting presidents of nations.

RR:  You said that last night.

HK:  A whole nother level.  This is what I see.  If you can get to certain political realms, you can affect a whole nation.  I mean the stadiums opening up to you, pastors opening up to you, governmental leaders opening up to you, with this miracle anointing that the Holy Spirit has given to you, this double-portion.  And one of the things that I’m encouraged by Lindsay, this is what I see.  If you look at the book of Acts, Jesus said you would receive power after the Holy Ghost comes upon you.

LR:  Yeah.

HK:  But then something happens in Acts 4, and this is what I see for you.  All of a sudden it’s not just power.  Acts 4 says it’s great power.

LR:  Wow!

HK:  Because there’s something that’s happening.  The Bible says that there was great grace on the church, because the people partnered.  They got behind the miracle power of God that was in manifestation, and it increased the grace.  It increased the results, and the Bible says that they didn’t consider the things that they had as their own.  Some people began to sell certain things, and really partner to bring a greater manifestation of greater responsibility that was given to them.  So this is what I see, Lindsay and Richard.  God is saying, “It’s forward on all fronts, and as a result there’s going to be greater anointing, greater power, greater level, and it’s gonna take greater partnership, because the doors are gonna get bigger, the responsibility is gonna get greater.”  And I’m glad to be a part of that, and I know they’re excited as well, to be a part of that to.

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God will sustain your life

If you want to be poor all of your life, that’s fine.  If you want to struggle for your tuition the rest of your time, that’s okay.  But I promise you according to the Bible, if you will begin to sow and do it on a regular basis and trust Him and rest in Him and believe in Him and don’t think that what you’re sowing is small and believe that He’ll continue to carry you on until you receive the blessing, His blessing will come on.  And He will sustain your life.

And if you can learn it now while you’re a student, it will carry you the rest of your life because He’s no respecter of persons.  If He’ll do it for me, He’ll do it for you.

Praise God.  Would you come up and pray a prayer of blessing.  And while you do, I’m going to leave because I’ve got to be at the City of Faith in six minutes.  Would you pray, and then everybody’s dismissed.  See you next week, or see you in chapel in the morning.

By the way, Sunday night worship, we’re starting it again this week.  We’ve held off for two weeks because of spring break and because of the revival and because of the album.  But campus worship begins on Sunday night at seven o’clock.  Would you pray?  You all excuse me.  I’m running to a luncheon.

LADY:  Dear heavenly Father, we just come to You in the name of Jesus, and we just thank You for the words that was given to us earlier.  We thank You that You will bless President Roberts all throughout his ministry and everything . . .  We also thank You for the blessings, and that as we sow our seeds that we will have full returns which You have given us.  And we thank You, Father, and we glorify You and we praise You for how wonderful You really are.  You’re awesome.  We love you.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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God will supply

Now somebody can criticize me and jump on me all they want while they’re driving their little Honda—1982 Honda, “Honk if you love Jesus” on the bumper.  If that’s what people want, it’s a free country.  I’ve driven those kind of cars in my life.  I’m not criticizing anybody.  I’m just saying that I decided that I would sow seed and I would believe God.

And I gave a car away, and that car was valued at least $15,000.  And I’m driving its replacement.  I’m not manipulating God.  I’m not telling Him what to do.  I’m just planting seed, and I’m believing that my God will supply all my need according to His riches in glory.

And I think He not only wants to take care of your needs, but I think He loves us enough that from time to time He’ll do some personal things too, because He loves His children.

You know, my little girls used to jump up on my lap when they were little, and they’d smile and they’d hug me and they’d say, “Daddy, I don’t have any money.”  Dads are suckers.  Those little blue eyes, “Daddy, I don’t have any money.”  I mean, you just reach in your back pocket.  Little girls get in your heart, you know.  “Daddy, daddy, I need twenty dollars.  Daddy, I need fifteen dollars for this.  Daddy.”

Do you think our heavenly Father’s any different?  He loves us.  We’re His children.  And I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread.

Stand up with me because I’ve got to go to that luncheon.  I’m due in seven minutes.  Did you get anything this morning?  Now don’t jump on me and get critical and say, “Well, that just works for you.”  Don’t jump on me and say, “Well, that’s just a get-rich-quick scheme.”

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God does it His way

I can remember when a woman whose husband had passed away came and gave the money to build the Prayer Tower and build the gardens around it.  I remember when a woman whose husband passed away came and gave the first two million dollars to build this building.  I remember those things.

I remember when people would come to seminars on this campus and say, “I’ll sponsor a dormitory room.  Yes, I’ll help carpet the dorm room.  Yes, I’ll help put in the toilets and the showers.  Yes, I’ll help put in the electrical system.  Yes, I’ll help this and this and this and this, as a seed that I sow.”  And the testimonies that we have received are absolutely phenomenal of what God has done in the lives of people who have planted seed.

Now you can believe God for the harvest, but you just can’t decide when it’s going to come.  As I said, I’ve told God when I’m expecting the harvest.  But, you know, when I do that, He very seldom ever does what I ask.  He does it His way, in His timing.  But, students, it’s a principle that works.

I can remember about, oh, it’s been at least ten years ago, I got tired of flying commercially for all the places that I go, because I travel extensively, I got tired of being stuck in airports.  I got tired of happening to me what happened to Kelly Wright yesterday with the plane canceling in Atlanta, having to miss chapel.  And, by the way, he is going to stay over and speak a few minutes in chapel in the morning because he made it.  He didn’t get here till three o’clock in the afternoon

I got tired of sitting on runways, waiting on flights, and all that that you go through when you go through a commercial airline.  And this was before all the security that they have today.  This was before 911.  I got tired of it.

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