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A powerful anointing

RR:  A powerful anointing upon Lindsay, and I thank God.  I thank God for her and for our children.  Our daughter Jordan is now 26, and Olivia is 24, and Chloe who you all saw grow up, the one we call Oral Roberts in a dress, she is now 22.  They have grown up right before our eyes.  Lindsay and I are not getting older, but they are.  The girls are getting older.

This ministry was founded by my father Oral Roberts, in 1947.  He had been pasturing in Enid, OK, in a little seventy-five member Pentecostal church.  The church was going nowhere.  They were believing God for one person to give their heart to Christ each month, one person, if they could win one to Christ.  As if they won two it would bankrupt heaven.  The church was going nowhere.  In those days there was an attitude that if God would keep the pastor humble, the people would keep him poor.  And I know that you know what I’m talking about, in those days.

And my father had an experience one day, on a Saturday.  One of the members of his church who owned an automotive repair business had had an accident.  He had been working on a motor in his shop that Saturday morning, and the motor had fallen off of the jacks, and had crushed his foot, and he was writhing in pain.  And the call was made to my father to come and to pray for him.  Well, my father believed in healing, he just had never seen anybody healed.  And he went into that shop, and the man was just screaming and writhing in pain.

Virtually every part of his foot had been crushed.  And he put out his hand and brushed it across his foot and prayed.  And the man stopped his crying and writhing in pain and stomped his foot, and said, “Oral Roberts, what did you do?”  He said, “Look, I can move my foot.  There’s no pain.”  And my father said, “Well, I really didn’t do anything.  I just brushed my hand across you and prayed.”  And he went home and he couldn’t get that experience out of his heart.

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The body of Christ

Now, I know there has been some abuse.  We all know that, but we must no throw out the baby with the bath water.  Just because there are a few who have abused doesn’t mean that prophecy is not real.  He said He set in the church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, for the edifying of the body of Christ.  Who is the body of Christ?  We, we are the body of Christ.  The body of Christ is not the church, a building, that’s just bricks and mortar.  The body of Christ is people; people who have committed their lives.  How many of you have committed your life to the Lord Jesus Christ?  Let’s, now He’s talking about us, we’re not the entire body.  We understand that.  We’re part of the body of Christ, and we’re an important part of the body of Christ.  And so I thank God for His call upon my life.

And you see my wife Lindsay with me on our program.  Last night I was meeting with some people, and they said, “Do you think Lindsay would consider coming to Toronto for a one-day women’s conference?”  And they were just sort of pressing me, “Would she come,” because they started telling me last night, the people of Canada love my wife.  That makes two of us.  And I thank God for that, so I called her last night, and she said that I should tell you this morning that she said, “Yes, I accept.”  So perhaps in about this same time next year…and I don’t know why we couldn’t just have it right here.  What a wonderful place to have a meeting.  She’ll come.  Now she said, “I’ll come Richard, if you will come with me.”  Now, if any man says he’s boss in his house, will lie about other things to.  My dad, Oral Roberts, used to say, “I’m the head,” and my mother would say, “And I’m the neck that turns the head.”  So, perhaps about this same time next year.  When the time comes you’ll be hearing me talk about it on the television, and I’ll be writing you and giving you the dates.

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Lord is moving in my life

Richard Roberts:  Lord touch the hearts of everyone here.  Let the words of my mouth and the mediations of my heart be acceptable in your sight.  May everything that I say and do this morning bring honor and glory to Jesus.  Satan, I bind you, and I command you to take your hands off everyone here.  We do not belong to you.  We belong to the Lord; we are His property, paid for by His shed blood.  And Father, we’ll be careful to give you the praise in Jesus’ name.  And everybody said, “Amen.”

Amen.  Give the Lord one more praise offering.  Hallelujah!  Hello Wayne.  Well, shake hands on both sides, and say “Good morning, how are you?”  Turn and give them a big holy hug.   Love on them just a minute.  I am so glad, good morning to you.  I am so glad to see you this morning.  Good morning, God bless you this morning.  Thank you so much.  Yes mam, thank you so much.  I am honored to be in Toronto, and away from the heat of Oklahoma!

Richard Roberts: The Lord is moving in my life.  And I want to give him honor and glory for it.  If you’ve been watching me on television the past few weeks, the Lord has been giving me words of prophecy, and telling me of a new level of anointing that is coming on me around my birthday…  I know, I know that I don’t look any older than sixty-two, but I’m gonna be sixty-three whether you believe it or not.  The Lord said a new anointing is coming against cancer and incurable diseases.  And the Lord told me He was sending four special angels; one that would hover over me, one that would stand at my left side, and one that would stand at my right side.  Then He said I’m sending another special angel, one especially designed to kill cancer.

Now, I’ve had many words of prophecy in my life.  So far, everyone has come to pass, or is in the process of coming to pass.  I believe in prophecy.

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God is stirring your heart

Now, I’ve got a, this one’s a literal word by word translation, and this particular translation, Malachi 3:10, where He is referring to that blessing.  In Malachi 3:10, He said, “When you bring that tithe and offering into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house,” it translates resources, but you know in Honduras its actual food in this case.  He said, “And pray that,” excuse me.  And God says, I love the way He puts it here, “Put me to the proof.  In some translations it says, “Prove me.”  “Put Me to the proof.”  One of them, one translation says, “Dare Me.”  I really love that one.  And He said, “I will open for you the sluices of heaven.”  Now, that’s where I got excited.  Sluices, it means this, it’s a word that means like a water slide, like a channel.  Have you ever seen those water slides where they open like the flood gates of the water?  And a child gets in that little tunnelie thing, and the water is so strong it just shoots the child into the big pool.  That’s what sluices means.  He’ll open for you the windows of heaven.  He will perfectly direct the blessing of heaven, so much so that there’s not even room enough to contain it all, and as He does it, He will shoot it so directly in your direction He’ll even rebuke the devourer on the way, for your sake.

Or, we have the flip side, and He said that if you don’t you’re cursed with a curse, even this whole nation.  You know, we can think and talk very little about the tithe, excuse me, or we can think and talk seriously about the tithe; because I think God took it seriously from the days of Cain and Abel, through Malachi, through Jesus, to the end of the Bible.  Excuse me, when we get a revelation of how important the tithe is to God, perhaps we’ll get a revelation of how important the tithe is to us.  And I want to encourage you today.  If you really feel like God is stirring your heart, if He’s touching that part of your life where you feel like you need tithe and offering, or you maybe aren’t current with God.  Maybe you need to reevaluate some things. Consider Honduras, consider Honduras, putting food and resources in the House of God, so people can not only eat food, but when they get there, they’ll have medicine, they’ll have a Bible, they’ll have this, they’ll have that.  They’ll have all sorts of things for God opening the windows of heaven for them, and pouring out such a blessing, I mean such a blessing where there’s not even room enough to receive it.  And if that’s not enough, He said He’d rebuke the devourer for your sake.

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