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Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Oral and Evelyn Roberts Part Eleventh


RR:  Dad, there’s somebody watching right now that God has been speaking to while you’ve been sharing on this program today.  And they are in a position where they could sponsor an entire medical student at $45,000.  You know you’ve been hearing Oral, Evelyn, Richard, Lindsay Roberts talk, but on the inside you’ve beenhearing God speak. Now you say, but how could I do it?  Well, you could do it all at one time.  You could do it by writing out a check.  You are in position to do that.  Or maybe you have a piece of property that is about to be sold.  You could do it through that piece of property.  Or you may be able to do it through a gift of stock or real estate, something like that.  Or maybe through a life loan agreement.  Or through a gift annuity with this ministry.  If God is speaking in your heart, He has a way for you to do what He’s calling you to do.  You need to be a part of this.  It’s going to be a great miracle in your life and I’m God is speaking in people’s hearts right now to sow a seed of–well, He’s talking to one man right now to sow a seed of $10,000 today on your Master Card, your Visa or your American Express.  And by the way, you can call the Abundant Life Prayer Group at area code 918-495-7777 and you can put a Seed-Faith gift immediately on your credit card and it will be sown into the good soil of the gospel today.  Or you may feel like sitting down and writing out a check for $1,000.  Many people who are watching me right now can give $1,000 this month and $1,000 next month. There are others who are watching who can give $500.  You say, well I can’t give that much.  Well, let me tell you, friend, little is much when God is in it.  Maybe you can give $100. Maybe you can give $50.  Maybe you can give $25.  Maybe you can only give $10.  But every seed sown toward this project will be multiplied. You can be a part of it.  God has something special for you.  And when you do it, when you sow it in this good soil, expect, expect, expect God to multiply it back to you a hundredfold.  Take Him at His word. (Applause)  Give God your best and then ask Him for His best.  Let’s join together and pray.  Mother.

ER:  I wanted to say just a word before we pray, Richard.  I have a feeling that there’s a pastor sitting out there watching this program and he is thinking in his spirit, well maybe I should examine our missions program.  Maybe we’re not giving to good soil where we’re getting people saved and healed.  Maybe I should examine it and see. And maybe that pastor will want to redirect some of the missions money toward a medical student here.  And, you know, I just have a feeling that somebody, some pastor is going to do that today.  I really believe that.

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Heartaches Only Last For A Season

Heartaches Only Last For A Season By Richard Roberts

To operate it, to maintain it, John. To operate, Richard Roberts mean we have to have gas to operate our car. And, John, you know, the wonderful thing, the good news is, that we don’t have any debt on the entire university. Every building is paid for. There’s not a dime borrowed on any building on this campus.

I was recently on a university–if I called its name, you’d thought, oh, I thought it was paid for–they owe something like $120 million on this university and it’s a big name university. I was there to speak. But I want to tell you something, when you can hear the kind of statistics that I just spit out and maybe you’re just a person that numbers don’t mean anything. But to those of us men of God who are on the front lines every day, who have to function and move and have our being in this world of business, listen, without first your prayers and your concern and your continually doing it month after month–now where the problem comes, Richard, God showed me, that there had been people that had been blessed by you and Lindsay and Richard Roberts and Evelyn and all the Singers and the university.

There’s alumni out here probably that sort of might have backed off.Thousands,Thousands,Thousands of alumni. 15% maybe for some reason, whatever, become a little disjointed or maybe you said, well you didn’t like what happened. But let me tell you something, take it from this perspective, who do you know that’s doing any more? Who do the know the devil has fought any harder? When have you ever heard of a family going through such insidious deaths, problems? I was here when your first baby died, bless his little soul, singing on the front row of the boy’s choir in heaven.

Heartaches only last for a season, but dreams are forever. And what’s 15%? It ain’t nothing where God’s concerned. And you watch, you watch. There’s some of you watching today that’s saying, “John Wesley, you’ve really got stirred up.” I get stirred up when my friends come under attack. Now when I come under attack I tend to just sit back and maybe somebody will call me and say that’s when we’ve got to come to your aid though, John.

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They Say It’s A Democracy

They Say It's A Democracy By Richard Roberts

Powerful, John. This place to me, I cannot foresee in the deepest parts of me, I cannot foresee the university or any piece of real estate here not functioning its normal process. It would absolutely break my heart, number one, because my daughter was educated here. And the university has a great, has an investment in me and her future.

And the Oral Roberts University is the university that Richard Roberts just got back from Australia and they are pleading in Australia for me to give them the information how you’ve done it, how your father has done what he’s done here because they say, “There is no Christian university there in Australia to teach the young how to become doctors, lawyers, politicians and how to be a complete person, a whole person.” So as the result of a Christian university, not being in the South Pacific, guess what the results is? There is now socialism that pervades the whole system.

They say it’s a democracy. It is. But there’s socialized medicine, there’s socialized law and the people are becoming so socially oriented that nobody has spirit and life in them to rise up above the bootstraps. And everybody seems to be put down. But the thing that I feel in my soul when I walk on the property of this wonderful memorial, not to your father’s name, though it bears his name, and I defy anyone in the media or any place that I travel to try to get this old German to say that this is a memorial to Oral Roberts.

Anybody with one eye and half sense can see that it was not Oral Roberts, but it was God through that vessel that did what he’s done here. I want to tell you something, my friend, if there happens to be some who may say, “Yeah, I hope so it fails,” you know, there is a charismatic insanity that tends to pervade the whole body of Christ when an emergency rises. But that is when you can tell who your real friends are, when they come out from under the rug and say, “Oral, Richard Roberts, here we are.

We’re not going to let the devil come in and shut down a university who has students and medical teams all over the world who is bathing the sore eyes of someone today in Afghanistan, who is treating the tooth of someone down in Zaire. I tell the devil to go to hell where he belongs and I prophesy that this university will not only stay opened but will expand because God said it and man can’t stop it. So when I saw what Oral read there, chapter 17 of Matthew 24-27 about the fish and how they got the money out of the mouth, I happen to know a little bit about the university and the school and about this place.

I know because my daughter’s been here. Sixty percent of the support for this entity is supported by tuition in the university. The other 25% comes in from the donors. But we lack 15% to cause it to function and have a normal cash flow.

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Treat,Diagnose and Pray

Treat,Diagnose and Pray by Richard Roberts

I don’t know. I think that I have seen more caringness, nurses not just doing nursing for a paycheck, but nurses doing nursing because they care about people. And the response, quickly responding to patient’s calls when a nurse call light is on. Or just, or the attitude, I’m sorry I wasn’t here quicker, I was tied up with so and so. You know, what can I do to help you? And I just think the caringness comes out in whether you’re doing a treatment, pouring water, just talking with them.

Caring, caring, caring is a key word. Would you pass that microphone to David Wakefield. David, as a prayer partner, you go throughout the hospital, through the clinic, you’re praying with people every day. What do you feel? What are you sensing in your spirit that’s happening at the City of Faith? Well, Richard Roberts, I think that with the Seed-Faith ministry to patients that we had, this is one of the greatest things we’ve ever done.

I’ve been with the ministry since ’68 and we not only preach it but we practice it. And many of these people who are Seed-Faith have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. And they come here to get medical care but they get a lot more than that. They get a salvation experience with Jesus that they wouldn’t have heard unless they got medical care first. And it’s fantastic. People get a healing that they will take with them through eternity.

Well, I want to give you an opportunity today, and I’m so glad you could stop by for a minute. I know the busy schedule. We, things are moving here at the City of Faith. Things are happening here. The nurses are busy, the doctors are busy. I know you’re in need right now, Jim, of more physicians. You’re in need of more nurses. Do you want to say a word about it?

I sure do, Richard Roberts. Somebody is probably watching the television program right now who knows of a physician or maybe you are a physician or your husband is one or your wife’s one, and something down in your heart is saying to you, perhaps the City of Faith is the place where I ought to serve God. We need Spirit Filled physicians who will come here and minister all of God’s healing power, who can practice expert medicine but who are willing to accept the fact that God is the Source of healing and that God heals.

We just treat and diagnose and pray and believe and love and care, but God heals. That’s the kind of physician we’re looking for.

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