They Say It’s A Democracy

They Say It's A Democracy By Richard Roberts

Powerful, John. This place to me, I cannot foresee in the deepest parts of me, I cannot foresee the university or any piece of real estate here not functioning its normal process. It would absolutely break my heart, number one, because my daughter was educated here. And the university has a great, has an investment in me and her future.

And the Oral Roberts University is the university that Richard Roberts just got back from Australia and they are pleading in Australia for me to give them the information how you’ve done it, how your father has done what he’s done here because they say, “There is no Christian university there in Australia to teach the young how to become doctors, lawyers, politicians and how to be a complete person, a whole person.” So as the result of a Christian university, not being in the South Pacific, guess what the results is? There is now socialism that pervades the whole system.

They say it’s a democracy. It is. But there’s socialized medicine, there’s socialized law and the people are becoming so socially oriented that nobody has spirit and life in them to rise up above the bootstraps. And everybody seems to be put down. But the thing that I feel in my soul when I walk on the property of this wonderful memorial, not to your father’s name, though it bears his name, and I defy anyone in the media or any place that I travel to try to get this old German to say that this is a memorial to Oral Roberts.

Anybody with one eye and half sense can see that it was not Oral Roberts, but it was God through that vessel that did what he’s done here. I want to tell you something, my friend, if there happens to be some who may say, “Yeah, I hope so it fails,” you know, there is a charismatic insanity that tends to pervade the whole body of Christ when an emergency rises. But that is when you can tell who your real friends are, when they come out from under the rug and say, “Oral, Richard Roberts, here we are.

We’re not going to let the devil come in and shut down a university who has students and medical teams all over the world who is bathing the sore eyes of someone today in Afghanistan, who is treating the tooth of someone down in Zaire. I tell the devil to go to hell where he belongs and I prophesy that this university will not only stay opened but will expand because God said it and man can’t stop it. So when I saw what Oral read there, chapter 17 of Matthew 24-27 about the fish and how they got the money out of the mouth, I happen to know a little bit about the university and the school and about this place.

I know because my daughter’s been here. Sixty percent of the support for this entity is supported by tuition in the university. The other 25% comes in from the donors. But we lack 15% to cause it to function and have a normal cash flow.

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