Richard Roberts LIVE with Guests Oral and Evelyn Roberts Part Ninth

RR: Dad, I was sitting here thinking back over the years as you were talking. You know, there’s no group of people in the history of this country that have done what the partners of this ministry have done. I remember as a little boy how we had a farm and you’d pitch a tent and our partners would come from all over America and Canada and from foreign nations and how you would say, “We’re going to build a university, will you help me build dormitories, will you help me build classrooms, will you help me start with nothing?” And those partners, somehow, I don’t know how, but somehow that got in their soul. It got down in their gut where they live. And they said, “Yes, I’ll help you. I’ll sponsor a mattress. I’ll sponsor a, I’ll sponsor a door. I’ll sponsor some tiling, some carpet. I’ll sponsor the ceiling. Yes, I’ll help you buy books for your library. Yes, I’ll help you build that Prayer Tower.” You know, here we are this summer, we’ve been remodeling some of those original dormitories. And I was thinking of that. And I thought to myself, where else on the face of this earth are there a group of people like the partners of this ministry who have singlehandedly built a university? And I thought, where else on the face of this earth have partners, have men and women like you stood together to raise the only medical center of its kind where the doctors and the nurses are Spirit-filled, they have great medical abilities but they also know to pray? Where else on the face of this earth? (Applause) And I was thinking, there’s no other group of people, there’s no group of people on the face of this earth. You say, what are you trying to say? I’m trying to say what Paul the apostle said to the church at Philippi when he wrote in the 4th chapter, when he said, “Nobody communicated with me except you concerning giving and receiving.” There’s nobody that’s done what you’ve done. There’s no one who has built a university like what you have built through this family. There’s no one like you who has built a medical research center where prayer and medicine science are being joined together. Nobody has done it. Nobody has built a Healing Outreach Center with the Journey Through the Bible like you’ve built. And the good news is, it’s only in its first phase. There’s lots more to come. When you go through the Journey Through the Bible this summer or this fall or whenever you come to Tulsa, the first part is only done and you only get through Genesis. There’s the whole Bible all the way through Revelation to be done. But my point is, nobody has done what you’ve done. And I believe that the partners of this ministry are going to rise to the occasion because we are on the way now. We are not going to lose. We’re going to go over the top for God and the nations of this earth are going to be reached with the medical missionaries. Hallelujah!

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