God of a second chance


MT:  Well, thank you, Richard and Lindsay.  It’s wonderful  to  see  what God is doing here as well as in your life and how he’s raised you both up to go forth and he’s packaged you for display, and that means where others will look upon you in order that  they  may  see Him.  And so you are transmitting … not only transmitting by way of television, but transmitting by your lifestyle the signal  of Christ.

RR:  Well, when we see you,  Brenda,  when  we  see  you  and  your husband on television, and we see you quite often, you’re always up there, you’re preaching, you always  have  a  good  positive  word, you’re not preaching  against  anybody  or  preaching  against  … you’re always preaching for something.  And I admire that because that’s the way I was raised.  My dad taught me  as  I  was  raised, “Don’t preach  against  something  or  somebody.   Instead, preach Jesus.”

BT:  Yes, yes.  Well, that’s the thing that we have admired about you two over the years as we have watched the television program. We sort of saw ourselves because you were  so  real,  you  were  so transparent, and it’s always been our desire just to  be  for  real for God and let people see  that  we’re  not  perfect  but  we  are reaching toward perfection and that we’ve  made  some  mistakes  in life but we’re not  going  to  stop  at  those  failures  or  those mistakes.  We’re going to pick ourselves up and  go  on  and  share with other people the good news of Jesus because  God,  as  you  so often say, is the God of a second chance, and a third  chance,  and fourth chance, and a fifth chance.

Richard Roberts : Continually.  Lindsay, did you know they have students from their church that are right here on this campus right now?

LR:  Yes, amen.

RR:  They’re enrolled in ORU.

LR:  Amen.  They do.  And they’ve got four coming up getting ready for ORU.  They’ve got the cutest child on the  face  of  the  human earth named Majesty, and she acts like it.

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