God move so mightily


RR:  You tried to kidnap… you tried …

LR:  I tried to take her home with me.

BT:  We have one that will fit in with your three.

LR:  That’s exactly right.   That’s true.   It’s true.   Majesty equals the three of them.

BT:  Well, we’ve already received just wonderful praise reports about the miracles and the great things that God is already doing here at ORU this year.   Our students have told us about the increase in the enrollment and so many of them was telling us how they could not have come back if they had not received scholarships and how God miraculously made provisions.  And we just pray for the university, you know, because we know what   you’re doing is making an impact on this world, literally,

LR:  It’s an incredible thing to go into a church like your church and see the power of God so strong, see God move so mightily.   And see kids that come from the nursery all the way on up and then they get college age and go to a secular university and lose everything that you have spent all that time putting into them.   It’s a sad thing to take the kids who are really worshipping and praising the Lord and then at a certain age when they’re ready for college, go lose it all.  And that’s what the world tempts them with.   And they’re out on their own and they’re doing things they might not do in another environment, and I praise God for the kids that you sent at ORU.  We take good care of them, I think.

BT:  Well, we know that.

RR:  Well, this is a church  that  focuses  in  on  the  women  and focuses in on the men and focuses in on the young  people,  focuses in on the children, through the Word of  God.   Now I appreciated that.  I know because I’ve been there.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  Lindsay has been a part of a great women’s conference and I had an opportunity to be a part of a great men’s conference.   I know their program for the young people.  And if you’re  in  that area of the country, you ought to stop by  Christian  Faith  Center some Sunday and just see for yourself in … what did you say?

BT:  Of Creedmore.

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