The spirit of excellence

richard roberts (14)

MT:  We’re located near Raleigh-Durham.  We’re in that vicinity.

RR:  About 20-30 minutes out of Raleigh.

MT:  Probably 20-30 minutes out of Raleigh.

RR:  What I wanted them to do this morning was  just  open  up  the

Bible to us and take today’s program and the next program and  just minister to us.  And, Mac, I just want to turn you and Brenda loose and just obey the Holy Spirit.

MT:  Well, we want to talk about, Richard and Lindsay, the spirit of excellence.  There is  a  demand,  not  only  from  heaven,  but there’s a demand in the earth, even from the  unbeliever,  the  one that doesn’t even call the name of Christ.  There’s a demand on now for excellence.  And we’re here at ORU where there is a canopy of excellence.  Students come here from all over the  world  and  they excel  because  of  the  anointing  of  God  and  because  of   the requirement for excellence.  And we want to talk about excellence because as we see it now with all confusion taking place,  so much darkness  in  the  earth  because  of  a  lack  of  knowledge,  the expectancy that God has.  I believe God is requiring a cleaning up in basically four different houses.   House   number one is yourself, myself.   I think that God is putting  pressure  on individuals to … for us to hear his voice clearly, to get sin out of our life, and to lay aside every weight.  See, there are still some things in my life that I can’t take with me to heaven.

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