Getting into the Word of God

richard roberts

BT:  That’s right.  It’s no longer a …………… about what you don’t have or what’s not right with you.  We’ve got to do self-examination.  And so often I tell people, “Don’t worry about what somebody else is saying or doing.  Do as Jesus did.”   Jesus said, “I only do those things which my Father commands me to do,  and  I only say those things which my Father tells me  to  say.”  And the only way you can do that is by getting into the Word of God.

And as we get into the Word of God, we will begin to think about what we want to say because God is going  to  hold  us  accountable  for every word we say.  And we’re living in a time now that people even in the world are demanding excellence and demanding holiness, they are demanding uprightness and moralness and integrity.  They’re no longer … even if you’re unsaved, they’re no longer going to allow you to represent them.  We see this throughout the political arena.

They will no longer allow you to represent them in an ungodly way, even though they may not be ungodly themselves.  They are looking for those standards. And when you see excellence it brings security. Just like the first time we stepped on this campus, and that was in 1979, we’d heard so much about ORU.  And then when we stepped on this campus, it was as if we had stepped into heaven according  to what we believed, you know, to look like.  And everybody we would talk   to over the years have said the same thing.   The ministry represents the spirit of excellence.  And whatever you represent is what you’re going to produce.

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