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Sow Your Seed Unto The Lord by Richard Roberts

RR: Well, let me just talk to you for a few minutes out of my heart.  I’ve been praying about this for some time.  I knew I’d be coming up here, and it’s been my joy and privilege to come up many times to Pittsburgh and be a part of this Cornerstone Network Telethon.

You know, we’re facing a lot of difficulties in our country.  We don’t know who the next President is going to be.  We don’t know if we’re going to have a Democrat.  We don’t know if it’s going to be Obama or Senator Clinton.  We don’t know if it’s going to be John McCain.  We don’t know.  No one knows.

There’s a tremendous cap site going on in the Democratic Party, and everyone’s watching it.  The primary is coming in even this week.  And there’s a lot of fear in the country.

If you go to the gas pump, you get real scared.  And they say our gas is going to go to $5 a gallon.  They were talking on television yesterday about the potential of $200 a barrel for oil.  What are we paying now?–$120 a barrel now.

Many people say we’re in the early stages of a recession.  Now some people think, Well, you shouldn’t say that.  You’re a faith person.  Well, you live in a real world, and you have to face real situations.  And they did that all through the Bible.

But I want to let you know that you are living in a divine hour because your life is not run by your government.  Your life is not run by your country.  Your life is not run by a recession or a decline in anything, because with God there are no shortages.

When you sow your seed unto the Lord, you remove all the barriers.  You remove everything out of your life, and you allow God to do what only God can do.

Richard Roberts – And I’ll tell you another point, this is my own personal opinion, I believe women have a greater spiritual sensitivity naturally than men. Men are macho.

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History does repeat itself by Lindsay Roberts

He begins to pass it on and through generations and through time.  They mess it up.  They become idol worshippers, and the next thing you know, you’ve got wicked king Nebuchadnezzar right back where we started, and you’ve got idol worshipping, and if you don’t bow down you’re going to burn.  And here we are all over again.  History does repeat itself.


So here comes Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  They refuse to bow.  So what do they do?  They get thrown in the fiery furnace.  They’re bound. The furnace is heated seven times hotter than normal, and the next thing you know somebody shows up in the fiery furnace.  Nebuchadnezzar takes a look in, and he said, “Hey!  Didn’t we throw in  three?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Aren’t they bound?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Then how come there’s four.  They’re loose, and they’re marching around, and the fourth man looks like? what?  “The Son of God!”  APPLAUSE


How does he know what the Son of God looks like?  He hasn’t been born yet.  He’s a spirit.  The same spiritual revelation that’s in the middle of the fiery furnace was the same spiritual revelation of Melchizedek all the way back here.  God can show up wherever you need Him.


So now you’ve got Him in the middle of the fiery furnace, the guys are delivered.  Glory.  Hallelujah!  And guess what they do again?  Another long journey of messing up.  Until you come all the way to Malachi.  And what does Malachi say?


 “You did it again.  You’re cursed with a curse.  You have lost the blessing of Abraham.”


I can prove that.  Because he goes on, and he says, “You are cursed with a curse even this whole nation.  Return to me and I will return unto you.”


“Wherein have we robbed God?”


“You have robbed me in…” what?


Tithe and offering.  Who was the first guy to do it? Abraham.  “You’ve robbed me all these years in tithe and offering.  And because of it you’re cursed with a curse again.”  And He said, “You return unto me, and I’ll return unto you, and I will open you the windows of heaven and pour you out…”  Careful how this is translated. This is what my father studied with the Jewish rabbi who knew exactly what he was doing.


He said, “I will open you the windows of heaven and…”   Not pour you out a blessing.  It says, “I will pour you out the blessing of Abraham, possessor of heaven and earth, most high God, deliverer from all your enemies.”  And He said,  “I’ll open you the windows of heaven, pour you out a blessing where there’s not room enough to receive it, and rebuke the devourer for your sake.”

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With the Word of God by Lindsay Roberts



And then, then you get to the big weapons, and satan starts running around and you feel like, “No matter what I do?-I won’t even go there.  And you get the pool of self- pity, poor, poor pitiful me.  God never told you to do that.      

So let me tell you what you do.  You begin to realize that satan doesn’t fight fair, and you need to fight smart. How do you fight smart?  With the Word of God.

I remember years ago we did a program, here in this building, in fact, called Richard Roberts Live.  It was at nine o?clock in the morning.  All of you who know me know that I look exactly like that green bathrobe in the morning.  There is no qualms about it.  That is what I look like in the morning.  I don’t do mornings, never did do mornings, don’t like mornings.  All the people who know me know, “Yes, she’s telling you the truth, Jack.”

And, I tell you, we had this crazy program, nine o?clock in the morning, live.  Now do you know what happens at nine o?clock in the morning live when the program comes on?  It comes on whether you’re there or not.  That’s the beauty of live TV.  It comes on at nine o?clock.  And if you’re not there, it’s not the TV?s fault.  So all of the sudden you get there or you don’t get there-you’re on the air.

And I use to come in, and one thing I do not do now, but I did then, was drink coffee because, I mean, something had to pry my eyeballs open to be there live, dressed, pressed, and with my mouth open at nine o?clock in the morning.  So I did coffee.

Well, one thing about our television crew, of which Harry was the leader, is that that early in the morning you’ve got to do a lot of things to keep the crew interested and to keep them motivated that early in the morning.  And so we did a lot of practical jokes.  I think you’d call them pranks.  And we would do them on each other at the most inopportune moments.

And one of the things that the crew did to me one day that I’ll never forget was, they took my coffee cup and they put Super Glue on it on the bottom.  And they handed it to me.  And I had this habit of going in and sitting down on the sofa, and there was like a covered cloth arm of the sofa.  And I put my coffee cup on my little covered arm of the sofa, and I went to take a drink and it-and I realized I’d Super Glued my coffee cup on the bottom and it was stuck to the sofa.



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God did His part by Lindsay Roberts

God wants to prosper you.  He said, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou shouldest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.” Richard, this book is a knock-out.  It’s probably the best book your dad ever wrote.  It’s probably the best one.  I’ve got so many of his books in my library.

LR: You preached something to me out of Oral’s own ministry that he taught and he wrote a book on.  And even after I read the book, I never got it as clear as when you taught me about the Blessing-Pact Covenant.  And you said that is what literally turned your life, your mind, your thinking around, when you read that for the first time, Blessing-Pact Covenant, that God was a covenant maker and you could make a pact with God, and God would not come out of covenant with you for blessings.  As long as you did your part, God did His part.

BS: Well, Oral Roberts has been a blessing in my life for over forty years.  And this book is dynamite.  I’m telling you, this is dynamite stuff.  And it’s real easy to read.  This is the easiest book I ever read. I was over in a hotel just making some marks and saying, “Man, he does it like step one, step two, step three, and step four.”  It’s really easy.  But I want to tell you something, if you want to get God working right away, He said, “Prove me now, saith God, and I’ll open the windows of heaven.  I’ll pour you out a blessing you can’t contain.”  When I started in business, when your father came to Columbus, I had a little old used car lot. I had four or five; six used cars at a time on my little old lot.  I built one of the biggest automotive empires in America. I had five new car dealerships in Columbus, and out north I had another one.  But God helped me.  I asked God, I would say, “In Jesus” name, I want you to send me some customers today.”

And you don’t bribe God. You just obey God. You don’t bribe God.  That’s not what it is.  You obey God.  He says, “Prove me now, says God, I will open the windows and pour it out on you.”

RR: You’ve got to do your part.

BS: But you’ve got to take that step.  And the telephone number is on the screen.  There it is.  It’s on the screen.  Call and say, “Look, I’m pledging $2,000 or $50,000 or $500 or $100 or $50,” or whatever.  You know, whatever moves your faith.  You say, “Why would you want me to make a pledge of $2,000?”  It will move your faith.  And if it moves your faith, it will move God.

You know, it seems like God sometimes takes little hinges to swing big doors.  And that little hinge for me was that one dollar book I bought at Oral Roberts Ministry forty some years ago.

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The Healing of Marriage by Lindsay Roberts


LR: I have been reading for this for a long time because I have felt just a churning and a burning of what God is going to do. I just believe that this one is going to just explode something in the Spirit realm. And, I’m telling you, breaking the spirit of debt means breaking the spirit of lack. Whatever it is that is lacking, something has begun to break loose in this university, in this ministry, and I think it’s going to get on anybody who wants to get it on them when they get here.


DB: We want you to know that a twelve week old church, Fort Myers Christian Center, wants to invest in the debt retirement of this college. Early this morning, 4:30, as we were leaving to come here because we would never miss Lindsay’s conferences. We need to get under the spout where the glory comes out because we’re giving out down there.  We need to be able to give.


We’ve come with our sleeves rolled up; ready to be a support to this, to do whatever we have to do to help. But at 4:30 this morning Dawn said to me, “Mom, we’ve got to give something from Fort Myers Christian Center, sow into this ministry as we go. Shall I take a check?”  I said, “Yes, take it.”


So I want you to know that we believe in the sowing and reaping principle. We always have. We’ve been a part of this ministry for years and years, even when we were up in Boston ministering.  We were Golden Eagles, if you remember when dad was Just months after we sowed being a Golden Eagle, we then received air time and we went on TV in the greater Boston area.  So it’s reaping what we sowed. Though we sowed, not expecting that, that’s what came back on the water.


And something you said, Lindsay, about the devourer, I have seen it happen in this new babe of a church that people that have been attending have been sowing heartily. And they have been receiving a harvest of healing in their bodies, healing in their marriages, healing in relationships.


And I just would like to provoke the folks, primarily I’d like to target the greater Southwest part of Florida to sow heartily into this ministry because that which you are interceding for and praying for, the devourer will not be able to eat that part of your petition.

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